Hillary Clinton email investigation reopened by FBI

Director James Comey of the FBI has told Congress that the bureau has reopened the Hillary Clinton email case on Friday, October 28th. This decision proves a shocker to the political world as the formerly settled case, a controversy that has defined the 2016 election cycle, has been reenergized.

Director Comey, in the letter to Congress, stated that the FBI will be looking into the case because of the “existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.” Comey goes on by informing Congress that while the bureau is currently unsure if the materials found will be significant. It can not come to conclusions without spending as much time as needed to get it right.

With the Wikileaks emails and further releasing of information related to the FBI case, the evidence is damning: Hillary Clinton, multiple times, knowingly violated the Espionage Act and destroyed evidence to escape prosecution. Furthermore, several emails from Wikileaks and investigations by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas have all pointed to the fact that President Barack Obama was indeed aware of the former Secretary of States’ usage of private servers.

The announcement is a turning point in the 2016 presidential campaign. Just as the vast majority of polls are indicating to a Clinton victory, Comey’s decision to resume investigations could significantly change the future of this nation.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump praises the FBI’s decisions and hopes for justice to be served at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, a critical swing state that Donald Trump is within four points according to the latest polls.

One point to consider about the case is that the emails found were not the emails released by Wikileaks nor are they related to the Clinton Foundation. The fact that new emails have been discovered, pertaining to Clinton’s multiple violations of the Espionage Act, is ground-breaking.

In an election cycle that has made voters cringe about the options and exceeded all expectations, it is safe to say that nothing is over until it truly is over.

The reopening of Clinton’s case could lead to a possible indictment and a victory for the GOPers in two weeks. All the voters can do now, however, is wait for the verdict.

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