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Hip-Hop: A new Firm group with Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem and Eve?

In 1996 four solo artists came together to form what was to be a super group, featuring Nas, AZ, Foxy Brown and Nature. The Firm was made up of New York-bred MC’s but the album was to be produced West Coast rap pioneer, Dr, Dre. When the album was released it was bashed by many in the industry, but Hip Hop heads understood what the group was trying to do.

Maybe they were ahead of their time as collabs have been the norm in music lately but how could a group that featured two of the best lyrical MCs, one female heat spitter, and an underrated rapper fail to make any real noise with The Album?

What if the Firm was to come back for another run?

There have been talks in past years of the group giving it another try but this time, they could learn from their mistakes. Some of the original members are still present in Hip-Hop, like Nas and AZ while Nature and Foxy haven’t been heard from in some time. The only one that will still make the album relevant in today’s eyes would be Nas, but since he’s the lone survivor, that means he must find three more willing MCs to collab with. But who?

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Nas will be the frontman since this was his idea, but we can replace AZ with Jay-Z, Nature with Eminem and Foxy with Eve. I know Eve has been off the radar for a while but if the album is to work they will need a female MC that can hold her own with these heavyweights.

The Hip-Hop community goes bonkers when Jay is featured on a Beyonce song, imagine if he could team up with Em, Nas and Eve for an entire album. Nas is still regarded as one of the best rappers in the game and to team him with Jay, and Em will go down in Hip-Hop history. Foxy more than held her own with the guys but Eve, she is a different breed of female MC.

The first album flopped because the group forgot to be themselves. They wanted so badly to stay in the trend of drugs and Mafioso living, that they left their lyrical skills at home and went into the booth and become people they are not. This is where the new Firm will thrive. Each MC has their own style, meaning each track will have four distinct personalities attacking the same beat. Eminem with the wit, Jay with the bravado, Nas with the backpack flow and Eve with the wordplay.

Production will still be done by Dre but he will have help along the way. This is a super group of MCs so it’s only right if they bring a super group of producers. Dre is still there but they must get Premo and Just Blaze to finish the album strongly.

The album may never come to light but as a Hip Hop lover and a fan of the first Firm, group, I would love to see these four MCs join forces and quite possibly make the best album in Hip Hop history.

And to top the album off, bring back the original members for one big posse cut.

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