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Hip Hop: Drake dissed Meek in Philly, may have made biggest mistake of career

Drake did a show in Philadelphia on Sunday night and sent a lyrical shot at Philly rapper and nemesis, Meek Mill. Wrong move Drake. It’s one thing to get in a studio, tucked away in isolation and trade jabs with a person but when you travel to their hometown and call a person out, that goes beyond lyrical beef.

Philly cats may not have all the love in the world for Meek but he is still their son, one of the ones that actually come from the bottom and made something of himself. Meek and Drake have been going back and forth for the majority of 2016 over a Twitter mistake. Meek got in his feelings and called Drake out, which prompted the rapper from Toronto to hit Meek with a barrage of diss tracks that Meek responded to with less fanfare as he would have expected.

It was speculated that they beef was over but Drake, after being embarrassed across the internet for his wanna-be battle with Eminem fell thru may be looking for a scapegoat. Meek is not the rapper that will hide, especially in his city, so, for Drake to call the man out of his then not expect some sort of backlash means that Drake thinks Hip Hop is all about the music.

I was born and raised in North Philly, and we do not take kindly to outsiders coming in and disrespecting one of our own. If Meek did it in Toronto, then that’s up to Drake’s people to handle the situation but reports are saying that alleged affiliates of Dreamchasers made their way down to the Wells Fargo Center with intentions of having a “talk” with the platinum selling artist.

That “talk” would not have worked in Drake’s favor. My advice to him is to keep it in the studio, where someone of his limited street knowledge needs to be. This is not a game Drake wants to play and you can tell by the police escort that it was a planned attack and seen as a game to him.

Drake better be careful, you don’t come in another man’s house, call him names and step on his couch and not expect him to get mad. This is more than music now, I hope Drake knows what he just got himself into.

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Mark Wilson
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