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Hip-Hop: Is this the end for Lil Wayne?

Earlier Saturday morning rapper Lil Wayne hinted with a cryptic tweet that he is mentally defeated and wants to leave gracefully. Is this a message to his fans that he has decided to put an end to his rap career? If so, what does this mean for his place in Hip Hop?


Wayne, in my opinion, was never the best lyricist, and while there are rumors of many ghost-written songs, he still was instrumental in the rise of the South as a member of the Hot Bos and Cash Money Records. But lately, his music has not been the same. He has continued to drop mixtapes here and there but his sound has since been replaced with artists that he helped put on. Drake and Nicki Minaj are now the in-thing and Wayne has been forced to play the background.

During his career, he has managed to release 12 solo albums, with a 13th (Tha Carter V) set to be released sometime this year. Wayne has sold over 100 million records and at one point was to be the successor to Jay-Z’s King of Hip Hop throne but legal and health issues have derailed that coronation. Over the last 2 years, he has dealt with everything from unpaid bills to serious health issues as the cops were called to his home again this past weekend over a hoax concerning gunshots.

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Wayne 33, has been in the game since the age of nine and while some rappers are going well into their 40’s it may be time for him to settle down and be more behind the scenes. The traveling and heavy usage of drugs have obviously played a huge part in his health and music decline. Earlier this summer Wayne suffered two seizures while onboard a private plane so, time off or either a total escape from the music business and spotlight may just be what Wayne needs to prolong his life.

While has fans will hate to see him go, this is for the betterment of his life. Hip Hop may be a way of life, but there is no Hip Hop without life.

Get well, Weezy.

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