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Hip-Hop: Johnny Depp to star in Labyrinth, based on Tupac and Biggies unsolved murders

Almost 20 years later two of the biggest unsolved murders still lingers in the minds of many. Who killed Tupac and Biggie? There have been numerous documentaries, books, college lectures and barbershop debates but there is no clear answer.

Well, studio execs have decided to up the ante and make the investigation into a full feature film starring none other than Johnny Depp himself. Depp will play Los Angeles Police detective, Russell Poole who was responsible for the murder investigations. If you remember, Poole was the first to come out publicly and say that he believes it was a cover-up by dirty L.A. cops with ties to street gangs.

With Poole being the whistle-blower of sorts and going against his fellow officers he was forced to take an early retirement but it didn’t stop him from focusing on the unsolved cases. Tupac was gunned down on a Las Vegas street while sitting at a red light on September 7th, 1996 while riding in a car with Death Row CEO, Suge Knight. A year later his former friend, turned rival, Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace) was gunned down in Los Angeles while with his entourage.

In the years since their murders, there has been much speculation about who did what and for what reason. I don’t know what difference a movie could make in terms of solving these senseless acts of violence but studios are taking full advantage of the buzz accompanying the success of Biggie’s life story in Notorious and the upcoming film of Tupac’s like in All Eyez On Me.

Depp is an exceptional actor and I’m sure he will nail the role of Russell but as a fan, I would rather have someone nail the killers instead. Labyrinth is set to begin filming later this year.

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