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Hip-Hop: Kane, G-Rap, Freeway, Craig G, Black Thought & more brought back The Symphony (Video)

It doesn’t matter how old you are, Hip-Hop is still Hip-Hop no matter how you swing it. This weekend in New York, The Roots, Black Thought put together an historic lineup of rappers to reenact the greatest posse cut in Hip-Hop history, the Symphony. In Bryant Park, near Times Square the legendary rapper  instructed his DJ, J-Live to throw on the classic Marley Marl beat which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

First up to spit a verse was Freeway, then went SlaughterHouse’s Royce Da 5’9″, after him was Pharoahe Monch, and then Boot Camp Click’s Smiff-N-Wessun. But after they went was when the real fun happened. It looked as if Thought was about to spit his 16 bars but was interrupted by three of the original member of the Juice Crew.

Craig G went first with his verse from the original track, followed by Kool G Rap and then the closer, Big Daddy Kane ended with his verse:

Settin’ it off, lettin’ it off, beginnin’
Rough to the endin’, you never been in
To move the groove with the smooth rap lord;
Like a bottle of juice, rhymes are being poured
Down your ear, crisp and clear
As I prepare to wear, tear and smear — then I’m outta here
With a mark left that you can all cling
Cause rockin’ a party? Yo, it’s a small thing
I rip many places on regular basis, and broken down mics were the only traces
That I’d been there and there at the party
The mic had my prints, and on it was a body
So take caution. I’m not horsin’ around in a throwdown, clown
I’m takin’ yours son
So just acknowledge the way that I kicked it
Cause if rap was a house, you’d be evicted
And dismissed from the microphone, chokin’ on a bone, cause Daddy’s home
And battlin’ me is hazardous to your health
So put a quarter in your ass, cause ya played yourself
I reign superior, always takin’ care o’ya
No-frill rappers, you will evaporate, disintegrate, deflate to your fate
As the great will dominate straight to the state
Of reignin’, gainin’. So put Kane in, that category. Period. End of story

One of my favorite verses of All-Time. This was indeed a moment that will go down in Hip-Hop history.

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