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Hip-Hop: Kanye West needs to escape the limelight

For years the media has portrayed Hip-Hop artist, Kanye West as some egotistical, selfish, crazy and often weird person. But the truth of the matter is, we have no idea who West really is.

To many of us, we see West as a genius. His talent is either behind a soundboard or a microphone. When I see Kanye, I see the Hip-Hop version. When the rest of America see’s him, they see the man who said: “George Bush don’t like black people”. Now, is some of what he does an act? Sure it is, but it’s also him just being who he is.

From the moment we heard Kanye we knew he was different. How many rappers have ignored doctor’s orders and still made an entire song with wires in their mouth? He gives off an aura of brashness that reserved for the Beverly Hills type but he’s still the guy that will bring the best potato salad to the cookout. But, much like other entertainers and famous people, some of us common folk holds them above all else. We tend to forget they bleed the same as we do.

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What Kanye is going through now is what other stars like Brittney Spears and Mariah Carey went through. At times, it all becomes a bit too much to handle. West is in the spotlight, not for his music anymore but for his mouth, actions, and personal life. His wife, Kim Kardashian is THE biggest reality TV star in the world and wherever she goes, so does the ever-watching eye of the public. How hard is it for him to be a father to his kids when he can’t be without the world watching their every move?

His best friend is the largest rapper in the world, Jay-Z, his self-proclaimed sister is Beyonce and even though he won’t admit it, he’s still somehow dealing with the death of his mother.

Kanye is not crazy. This is just a man who needs to relax for a moment, collect his thoughts and try to go back to being that kid from Chicago. He needs a break from the limelight and everything that comes with it. Work, bills, and kids can make the average break down. What he’s going though is 10 times as worst.

So, before you knock the man down, try to put yourself in his situation and see how well you will perform under that type of pressure. Don’t kick the man while he’s down, extend your hand and help him up.

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Mark Wilson
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