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Hip-Hop & Marvel: Is Jay-Z the Captain America of rap?

For years Hip-Hop has been intrigued by Marvel characters. The Wu-Tang Clan, in particular, had given themselves alter egos, as Ghostface Killa has often referred to himself as Tony Starks and Method Man as Johnny Blaze. But with the recent explosion of superheroes I wanted to merge the two and see what happens when Hip-Hop & Marvel meets up.

Jay-Z (Captain America)

Who else could get this spot? Cap is the leader of Marvel as he was the first Avenger. Much like Cap, it would seem that Jay was experimented on at some point in his life. He’s called the GOD MC for a reason. He has managed to lead Hip-Hop for over 15 years and just like the Captain America movies, they are better than any other solo projects that Marvel has put out. When superheroes think of a leader they look to Cap and when Hip-Hop puts their leader to the forefront, it’s Jay. He has stood the test of time, changed flows, built a crew and watched them disband. Jay is the leader by far.

Nas (Iron Man)

There is always a question about who the leader of the Avengers is and as far as Starks is concerned it’s him. But he only refers to Cap as the leader when it’s a dire crisis. Nas came before Jay but Jay has managed to take over due to Nas’s over-thinking of his career. Nas is still worthy of leadership as his contributions to Hip-Hop are just as legendary as Jay’s. Much like Iron Man, Nas is surrounded by armor (lyrics) that are light years ahead of many MC’s past and present. Just like in the Marvel Universe, Jay and Nas have done battle for supremacy but it was finally good to see the come together for the common good of Hip-Hop.

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Biggie (Thor)

Big is Thor in every sense of the comparison. He’s out of this world good and while other rappers have tried to take his throne and mic, they are just not worthy. If Big was still alive is the greatest question but when he was here he controlled the rap game with ease. His hammer is his mic and only the pure of hearts can lift it. There has not been one yet, and that’s why it was buried with him. Others have placed their name on the rap list but his will forever be etched in stone. He has just as much strength as Cap and The Hulk and only uses it when necessary. During his epic battle with Tupac, he surely brought the lightning with “Who Shot Ya”.

Tupac (The Hulk)

Name another rapper that has two personalities and they both are equally crazy and genius. Pac is The Hulk. Strong, unstoppable, smooth and angry. When being interviewed he speaks as if he attended Harvard but when he hits the booth, we see a different sideBrucece Banner was in front of the cameras but The Hulk was behind the lyrics. Pac spoke and stood for his people, his generation and those that were to came after him. His music is timeless, much like his legacy, he stands alone. The Hulk has no real need to be a part of any hero group, he can destroy by himself and that’s what made Pac so special.

Fabolous (SpiderMan)

Fab is no kid but he has that witty persona and approach to the game that Spidey does. He takes it seriously but yet he can make you laugh one minute, then force you to rewind a verse just to get the meaning of his metaphors the next. Is Spidey in the spotlight? Yes, but unlike the rest of the characters, he continues to wear a mask. Cap wears one but everyone knows his identity by now. Spidey still lurks in the background fighting evil but still knows how to be a kid and have fun. This is Fab. He is the underground king of Hip-Hop whether you like it or not.


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