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Hip-Hop: Nas, DJ Khaled finally drop Nas Album Is Done (Video)

It’s finally here. DJ Khaled and Nas have finally released the premier video for, quite possibly the toughest track on Khaled’s new Major Keys album. The video features Nas’s Belly co-star, Louie Rankin (Ox) as the pair travel to Jamaica to walk thru the neighborhood showing love to everyone in their presence.

Hip-Hop has lost its way in the eyes of many as music has become more club and radio friendly, but Nas Album Is Done is a throwback to his Illmatic and It Was Written days. Khaled reached out to Nas to bring Hip Hop back to its original core. The track was produced by Khaled, Cool & Dre, and 808 Ray.

Nas attacks the beat as if his, and Hip-Hop’s life depended on it as he spits:

Still underestimated, every mistake a lesson

Mercury retrograde, so if that planet spin backwards
Up in the heavens maybe
It’s effectin’ back on niggas who don’t be reppin’ lately
I’m playin’ chess with babies
Niggas is nursery
Niggas impersonatin’, rehearsin’ me
Nothin’ like me, I’m the first of me
And that’s quite certainly
So official, come get this issue, some women crazy
I like a woman to show me wisdom
These hoes easily convinced to pop their pussy
With a loaded pistol
Y’all ain’t meant to be played
Says the brother with the signature fade
Still paid, stackin’, new stash
Went from hangin’ with shooters and clappers
To computer hackers
Check the fashion in Monaco
Gettin’ ocean mist on my HSTRY hats
Khaled called me when I was in album mode
So I put it on hold for the Major Key
My album done, niggas, wait and see

This is the music I grew up on. This is the Nas I came up with, and this track defines Hip Hop to the fullest.


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