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Hip Hop: What if Tupac and Biggie were still alive?

The question has been asked numerous times, and there have been different answers but let’s sit and break this down for a minute. What if Tupac and Biggie were still alive today, would Hip Hop be the same or different? Would they be friends and better yet, how many albums would they have made together?

While alive, they were the hottest MC’s in the game and their feud only add more to their legacy but what if they never met their deaths, what if each survived the hits and continued to make music? Would they be like Jay-Z and kept going into their 40’s or would they have stopped by now? Biggie is a difficult one to predict as he was focused on more of the music side, but Pac was a different story.

Pac was heavy in the acting business and by now he could be where Ice Cube is, or maybe Cube would’ve never made a dent in Hollywood with Pac around. But the main question is, what would today’s music be like with both in it?

Big was a small part of the Bad Boy shiny suit era but how long would that have gone on? I can honestly say that you would not have seen Big or Pac in a glossy trash bag. But with the two biggest rappers still alive would there be room for a Cash Money or Drake? Would Big had let Lil Kim fall off the way she did and let Nicki Minaj take her place? Then the obvious question, where would Jay be?

Pac had issues with both Big and Jay but with Big and Jay ready to do a Commission album I’m pretty sure some subtle shots would’ve been thrown at Pac, making way for another lyrical beef. But would Jay have ascended to the top of the game with Big and Pac still around? That’s a tough one to answer, but I will have to go with a yes on that due to the collabs he and Big would’ve done and with Jay hitting the business side, nothing could stop him.

As a fan, all we can do is speculate how their career would’ve gone, but you must remember tey were 90’s rappers and as they got older their skills would’ve grown, adapted with the times and what we see today with watered down Hip Hop would not be.

And to top it all of, they were once friends and somewhere along the way they would have come to a truce for the greater good of Hip Hop and mad at least one album together. Can you imagine a Big and Pac album, with featured guests like Nas, Jay, Eminem, Snoop, and Cube?

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Mark Wilson
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