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Hip-Hop: What happened to the Jay-Z, Ja Rule and DMX’ Murder Inc supergroup?

There was a time when Jay Z, Ja Rule, and DMX ruled Hip-Hop, at one point it was done at the same time. They each had their individual success over the years but they could never get it together to a point where they would’ve been the best Hip-Hop group ever. Well, at least for one album.

The three artist were tied together by more than one common denominator. Their business connection was Def Jam but they each had the same personal connection, Irv Gotti. Gotti was instrumental in all their careers and came up with one of the best ideas in Hip-Hop history. A supergroup.

But this would be much different from The Firm or what Slaughterhouse is doing at the moment. This was friends with a past, both business and personal.

In the mid-1990’s, it was rumored that there was an album in the works with the three rappers, but as quick as those rumors came they died out just as fast. Hip-Hop magazine, XXL even did a cover shoot with the rappers but that wasn’t enough to get them in the studio. But what happened? Why couldn’t they get together for a few weeks and bang out what was sure to be a classic?

According to many, it was egos. And that may very well be the case but for three rappers that were featured in over 10 songs together, that is pure bull****. No one said they had to be in the same studio to record if it was a hate or jealousy thing going on. Jay was at the top of his game right along with DMX and Ja Rule was about to touch stardom himself, but this is when Gotti should have stepped in and checked his friends.

What many don’t know is that Murder Inc the record label was really the name of the group before Gotti went in another direction. In 1995, they did a song with Mic Geronimo called  “Time to Build”, back then all of them were relatively unknown, but that was the first time they were featured together and that is still a classic song 20 years later.

Their individual success is well documented throughout Hip-Hop history but we still must put an asterisk next to each name. They had a chance to do something special but pride and egos got in the way and while Jay has managed to change the game, the others have let the game change them. All three still has the ability to attack the mic and after their recent get together backstage at Beyonce’s concert, maybe, just maybe someone brought the idea up again.

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