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Hip-Hop: Why lyrical beef needs to stay on wax and off streets

I remember when Hip-Hop was all about the lyrics. You spit your hottest 16, then I would spit mine, but the game is not the same with this newer generation. Now, it’s all about street cred and seeing how far you can have your chest poked out to prove how tough you are. If you wanted to be or stay a gangster, then you should have never picked up a mic and put your face in the limelight.

Rappers are always screaming where Biggie and Pac went wrong but they are fast to call out another rapper at a concert or thru social media trying their best to embarrass one another. Well, if you are so street then you know what trying to take another’s manhood can and will do. As quick as you called that person out, they can retaliate just as fast, but without words.

Jay-Z and Nas are perfect examples of how something real in Hip-Hop should be handled. There were personal issues between them, but these two grown business men let their words on the mic do the talking and not a gun or some entourage. The same can be said for the infamous Drake and Meek Mill battle or when Kendrick Lamar called out half the new age rappers two years ago. Hell, even 50 Cent managed to avoid any real street confrontation with all the nonsense he has been involved in.

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But, at times, there comes a stupid rapper that feels he is tough or is looking to sell records and wants to take it beyond the booth. Recently, The Game went on stage in Miami and took shots at Meek. What makes this interesting in that Meek is part of MMG that is solely based in Miami and if any real members were there, that ish talking scene could have turned deadly quick.

Game has said he wants to “beat that n****’s ass one good time”. Whoa, this is way different from the Drake beef. Game feels Meek switched to Sean Kingston about a robbery. Regardless, this didn’t happen yesterday, why bring it up now? But to take it a bit further, the head of BMF, Big Meech reached out to Meek personally and told him to chill and not throw his career away over nonsense.

The streets are repped heavy in Hip-Hop but let Hip-Hop be. This is a talent pool, not a gun range. For all the praise every one of these rappers gives Pac and Biggie, please remember what their deaths were about. I’m pretty sure their paths have crossed since the alleged robbery, or Game knows where to find Meek at. I mean, he has been on house arrest for the longest so if you really wanted to fight, all you had to do was fly to Philly and handle your business.

Everyone needs to sit down and write a hot 16 and let their talents do the talking before it gets real serious out here.

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