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Hip-Hop: Why Jay-Z belongs in Songwriter Hall of Fame

It’s about time Hip-Hop artist started to get recognition outside of their respective fan bases. It was reported over the weekend that Jay-Z will be included with 23 other nominees to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. But, while many may scream why Jay and not others, here is why.

You must have been in the music business for 20 years and name another rapper that has gone as strong and as long as Jay has over the course of his career? You can name LL Cool J, Ice Cube or even Will Smith but how many of them are still spitting bars to a beat? While each should at least be looked at only Jay has stood the test of time.

Never in 47 years has a rapper been included in such a high regard and never in the history of Hip-Hop has a talent like Jay come around, so it’s only fitting that he gets the nod.

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But, will he get in is another story.

Why not? To be honest, what’s the difference between what he does and what Babyface or Madonna writes? I mean, if the voters want to look at content they must also take into account the impact of a Jay song in its truest form. Madonna and Babyface have their own lane and fans and while they may not talk about drugs and guns some of their music still touches on the raunchy side. But this is an honor based upon skills and not subject. I can sit here and give you record sales and monies made but that doesn’t mean a thing. A good songwriter is one that pens a song that touches the soul.

Jay has countless of those but my standards may be different than the voters who may not fully understand the true meaning behind “Regrets” or “22-2’s”. This is where Jay may fall behind the others. I can’t sit here and be too happy that a Hip-Hop artist was nominated, it may be for other reasons, but if they are true lovers of music then they must sit down and feel Jay’s words the same as we do.

A Hip-Hop artist in the Songwriter Hall of Fame. It’s about time.

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