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Hip Hop: Why No Love is Eminem’s greatest verse

Every rapper has one, the one they can place on an application for entry into Hip Hop Hall of Fame and say “this is the reason I deserve to be inducted”. Now, I’m not saying every rapper will make it, because, let’s be honest 60% of the artists throughout history are trash. But Eminem is not one of those, he sits in a very special V.I.P. room with a select few of MCs.

If Em was to grab an application, which verse would he put on there? Would it be either Renegade verse or one from Survival, the list could go on. If I were Eminem, the choice would be easy. I would have to go with my verse off “No Love” featuring Lil Wayne from the Recovery album. To further how dope that verse was, let’s break it down.

I’m alive again, more alive than I have been
In my whole entire life;I can
See these people’s ears perk up as I begin to spaz with the pen

Right, there begins what I consider the intro into the best diss song ever, it’s to no one in particular but more so to everyone in Hip Hop that counted him out while he was suffering through a tough time in his life.

I’m a little bit sicker than, most
Shits finna get thick again so they say the competition is stiff
But I get a hard dick from this shit, and I stick it in

Every MC thinks they are sick, the illest to ever grab a mic but Em has the skills to back his up, but it’s not so much what he says, it’s how he puts it together. He references all rappers to p**** and himself as a d*** and he begins to “F” over their styles.

I ain’t never giving in again
Caution to the wind, complete freedom

It’s no secret that he was dealing with a lot over the last year before he dropped this album. The death of his best friend, weight gain, and drug abuse, but once he regained his focus and decided to get back in the studio, he let everyone know, he was going all in, and he didn’t care what anyone thought.

Look at these rappers, how I treat ’em
So why the fuck would I join them when I beat ’em?

Em has friends in the rap game, but he chooses to collab with a select few. He’s not into Supergroups or big posse cuts; he’s a solo artist. He’s letting them know that we would never join in on track with rappers he feels are inferior to him.

They call me a freak
‘Cause I like to spit on these pussies ‘fore I eat ’em

You can look at this bar and let your mind wander to something else but what he’s saying is, that he will spit bars at any MC and virtually destroy all competition.

Man get these whack cocksuckers off stage
Where the fuck is Kanye when you need him?
Snatch the mic from him, bitch I’mma let you finish in a minute
Yeah that rap was tight

Self-explanatory lyrics here. Em is reliving a classic moment in music history between Kanye and Taylor Swift by letting other rappers know that what you may have said was dope, but it’s nothing compared to what he’s about to spit.

But I’m ’bout spit the greatest verse of all time
So you might want to go back to the lab tonight and um
Scribble out them rhymes you were going to spit
And start over from scratch and write new ones

The first line says it all for me with regards to where his mind frame is on this song. We are halfway thru and Eminem has declared war on the entire industry.

But I’m afraid that it ain’t gonna make no difference
When I rip this stage and tear it in half tonight

Then he sums it all up, with it doesn’t matter what you say or write, you are no competition to me.

It’s an adrenaline rush to feel the bass thump
From the place all the way to the parking lot, fellow
Set fire to the mic and ignite the crowd
You can see the sparks from hot metal

He’s giving you a mental description of how it feels to rock a crowd.

Cold-hearted from the day I Bogarted the game
My soul started to rot, fellow
When I’m not even in my harshest
You can still get roasted, ‘cause Marsh is not mellow

He’s telling you that he has not love for anyone at the point when reps are on the line. This is a battle, and even when he is not at his best he will still wreck you because he will never drop a wack verse.

‘Til I’m topplin’ from the top, I’m not going to stop
I’m standin’ on my Monopoly board
That means I’m on top of my game
And it don’t stop ’til my hip don’t hop anymore

My favorite lines of the song, no matter how many times I listen I always smile when he says ” standing on my Monopoly board, that means I’m on top of my game.” This is Hip Hop at its finest.

When you’re so good that you can’t say it
‘Cause it ain’t even cool for you to sound cocky anymore
People just get sick ‘cause you spit
These fools can’t drool or dribble a drop anymore

He’s just explaining to how it feels to be the best to the point where you don’t feel comfortable saying it in a song anymore cause everyone already knows.

And you can never break my stride
You’ll never slow the momentum at any moment
I’m ’bout to blow;you’ll never take my pride
Killin’ the flow, slow venom

When you been on top but get knocked back down, its hard getting back up but in order to so so you have to tell yourself first that you will not let anything break you back down.

And the opponent is gettin’ no mercy, mark my words
Ain’t lettin’ up, relentless,I smell blood
I don’t give a fuck: keep giving ’em hell
Where was you when I fell and needed help up?
You get no love

Great way to sum up a song. There is no stopping, no going back to how it was before. Em was coming off a personal tragedy, but he got back up and during his time of being down, rappers took shots at him, the media came hard at him, and he’s letting them know that he was now coming back at them.

While “No Love” may not be your favorite Eminem verse it stands out to me for the simplicity of the message. Hip Hop is all about the bravado, the battle. This is his roots, how he got started in the game and this verse shows us what it’s like to be on his hit list. How many rappers have dared to step in the ring with him? For his friends in the game, they can’t shine on a track with him, one of the reasons why Em doesn’t get too many feature request, no one wants to be embarrassed, ask Jay how that feels.

This was a verse describing a battle rapper’s approach on getting back in the game, taking Hip Hop back to its roots. When first listening I had to give credit to Wayne for hs verse but then Em came on, and I forget it was another verse before his. That’s the power of Eminem.

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