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Houston Rockets: The LeBron James possibility looks real good for 2018 now

The biggest winners of the Kyrie Irving trade request is hands down– the Houston Rockets. The Rockets were on pace for many LeBron James rumors considering they traded for his friend Chris Paul this offseason. However, with the mention of Carmelo Anthony as a possible trade target the whispers began to get rather loud. Then the Knicks fired Phil Jackson and Scott Perry came in and said he will open up the Knicks scope for players to bring in. Oops, that’s not what Rockets fans, nor players wanted to hear.

But then another Oops occurred this past weekend. LeBron’s teammate for the past three seasons, Kyrie Irving decided to let it slip that he wants to be traded. Well, that puts James, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Knicks, Carmelo and the Rockets in a tough spot.

If the Rockets are to pull this off, it all starts with Antony and the Knicks. If they can somehow persuade the Knicks to take their offer of what seems to be Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza and send Ryan Anderson to a third team then that all but makes LeBron’s appearance a lock. The Cavs should be worried. The fate of their franchise depends on the package they get back for Irving. If the Cavs cannot obtain a good quality PG and power forward then why should LeBron stay and put himself in the same position he was in before he left for Miami?

You see how this is shaping up for the Rockets to be the ‘Super Team’ we only see in video games?

The Golden State Warriors have four All-Stars but what the Rockets will put on the floor has never been done before. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are great players while Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are good. However, we’re talking LeBron James, James Harden, Chris Paul and Carmelo on the same team.

There’s no secret that James, Paul, and Melo have wished to play together for years and if the Rockets can make that Melo trade happen then LeBron is a lock to end up in Houston with his friends. The Rockets tried years ago with Hakeem Olajuwon, Charles Barkley, and Clyde Drexler tandem but by then all three were just too old to make it work.

Times have changed and the new age Rockets are on a collision course to be the best ‘Super Team’ ever.

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