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Houston Texans: The Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins connection will be a thing of beauty

Finally, the Houston Texans have their guy. No more revolving door at the most important position in the NFL, the Texans can now say they have a Quarterback. The Texans saw an opening and went for the kill and in doing so they may have just punched their ticket to AFC Title contenders. Last season, the Texans finished 9-7 but that was without the full services of the best defensive player in the NFL in J.J. Watt and an offense that looked downright horrible. Now, with the addition of Deshaun Watson, paired with WR DeAndre Hopinks, they are legit.

The Texans tried their best to ride the Brock Osweiler train last season and to say it was a fail would be the understatement of the 2016 NFL season. It was so bad that they traded their so-called prize possession to the Cleveland Browns without as much as a pat on the back.

However, even with Osweiler, the Texans still managed to win the division and make the playoffs. By that time, they pinned their hopes on Tom Savage but he was never the long-term answer at QB.

Despite the Texans offensive woes, DeAndre Hopkins is still regarded as a top playmaker in the league. Just imagine how dangerous he can be with an accurate signal-caller. What Watson will bring to the Texans is stability. He’s still a rookie but so was RG3, Andrew Luck, and Derek Carr in their respective first years.

That is the type of impact Watson will have for the Texans.

If the Texans can get a strong performance from their ground game and force defenses to a 8 man front, that will provide Hopkins one-on-one coverage and Watson will make that connection all day long. What also bodes well for the Texans offense is their defense. With a healthy Watt and Jadeveon Clowney up front, it will be hard for teams to move the ball with ease as they did last season. A healthy defense gives the offense better field position and more chances for Watson to make a name for himself and Hopkins to reclaim his spot among the elite.



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