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How Blacklist Redemption outsmarted the original Blacklist

Before the season finale, we learned the truth. The Blacklist Redemption may have borrowed characters from The Blacklist but it’s quite clear they didn’t burrow their creative side.

As much as I love watching Raymond Reddington and Liz what I hate the most is how they continue to drag on one of the main storylines of the show. From the beginning, we wondered if Red is Liz’s father. The writers tried to throw us off course with Red’s stories and then with the appearance from Alexander Kirk but there is still a mystery there.

Redemption followed the same path with Tom, Scottie, and Howard. However, instead of dragging us along for three seasons they decided to attack the issue head on and let the chips fall where they may.

Such a smart move.

What this does is give the writers more room to go. None of that backtracking with older guest stars as Tom tries to uncover the truth while saving an innocent’s life. We now get to see how Scottie and the team react to the news that she has employed her missing child and that one of her employees wants Tom dead. This changes everything.

The same route that Redemption took is one that The Blacklist must seriously take into consideration. Just get the truth out there and let Liz and Red have some sort of closure.

When Alexander first arrived I figured it was true that he was her father but Red kept saying “supposedly” and that made me wonder more. To add more to it was the fact that Red and Liz mother had an affair which could have resulted in Liz’s conception. If this is true then please get it out so that part of the storyline can be solved and we can move on to something new.

As great of a show as the Blacklist is, Redemption revealed its flaws.

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