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How I Met Your Mother: Fans deserve a spinoff or a reunion?

Rumors have been floating around since the show aired its last episode in 2014 about possible spinoffs and reunion shows but as of now nothing solid has come from those talks. As a fan and follower of How I Met Your Mother, I wanted to offer my two cents in the discussion concerning both.

The show was outstanding, it centered on friendship, love, trust, loyalty, jokes and family, but for a reunion to work it must stay within its core. HIMYM was groundbreaking, but the end left us wondering, could they have gone longer? We waited for years to see who the mother was and when we finally found out, I felt cheated. She had a few scenes but with Ted being the focal point of the show, in search for love, when he finds it we only get to see a few moments of his happiness.

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I think CBS must hit the draft room and come up with two possible scenarios if the show is to give us at least an hour episode or TV-based movie.

One option is to tell the story of Ted’s and Tracy’s courtship. We were privy to glimpse, but we didn’t get to see the actual silliness of her and Ted’s relationship, her friendship with Barney, Lily, Marshall, and how she got along with Robin. During Tracy’s time on the show, you could see she was quick with the humor and had a genuine love for Ted. It’s a shame we missed those special moments, but to given only minutes for us to fall in love with her then take her away was a slap in the face. I wanted more.

That’s one route CBS could take; the other would be a full-blown reunion to see where the characters are 10 years later.

At the end of the show, as Ted finished his story, his kids told him to go after Aunt Robin who was now single after her divorce from Barney. Ted showed up with the infamous Blue Horn, and that was it. We know their history and how funny they can be on-screen together but we were never fully given a chance to see that relationship blossom as it could. Robin and Barney had great moments, but she and Ted’s would mirror Marshall and Lilly’s.

That’s not it. What happened to Marshmallow and Lily-pad? How’s painting, Judgeship, and kids treating TVs favorite couple? How is Barney’s relationship with his daughter, did he ever settle down?

If we were to jump 10 years we could get a chance to explore a new series following the lives and romances of Ted’s kids as they either look for love or explain to their children How They Met Their Kids Mother/Father.

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