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How the 2016 Election turned Social Media into a war zone

The 2016 Election is finally over and the winner is Donald Trump. Was it a surprise? To some, it was but to those in the know it shouldn’t be a shock. America has been headed this way for years and after having an African-American in office for eight years what did you expect? You still wanted everything to go your way… You forgot what country this is didn’t you?

But, I’m not here to speak on votes and how this state did that or didn’t do enough of that. What I want to talk about is social media and how it has turned ugly. I watched last night as friends became enemies and true colors were shown as the election was taking place.

Facebook, Twitter, and others have become a sounding board for issues to be discussed. Whether you met your friends on social media or in person, everyone has a voice and can be whoever they wish to be behind a keyboard. What I saw was pure hate for one another. Facebook statuses became personal attacks for those that didn’t vote, for those who’s states failed to win a vote for Hillary Clinton or Trump and while doing so these people forgot the true meaning why we sign on every day.

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We don’t have to be friendly on social media but at least respect those that can see your timeline. If you support Trump then support him but there is no need for racial slurs and sexist jokes to be made at one’s expense. The Clinton supporters didn’t take the loss with grace either. Name calling and degrading your country because something didn’t go your way.

Rewind back 24 hours and these are the same people who you were sharing your kid’s photos with and congratulating them for getting out to vote. Now, everything has changed. But how different would it be if you guys were face to face in the same situation? Social media have made us oblivious to respect and honor. We forgot that person sitting in another state has feelings. This was not a sports game where trash talking is the norm. This is people’s lives at stake, their well-being, and their beliefs and to have them made fun off can only cause the type of harm you want for an enemy.

Is that how you view me? Am I your enemy now? It takes only a quick second to hit the unfriend button and we can be done with one another. This election has brought out the worst in everyone. We will always be a nation divided, it’s been that way since before we were born and it will be that way after we leave.

This morning people are mad and talking about loading up guns, moving and how they are ready to punch the first person in the face that says something disrespectful to them. Why? The Election did what it wanted to do. It tore people apart and your post on hatred and ignorance shows just how far we must to go to actually make America Great Again. This has nothing to do with Trump or Clinton but more with you as a person. If you’re angry then stay off social media. In the end, it’s you that are playing the role of fool.

Make changes, not post.

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Mark Wilson
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