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How the Carolina Panthers can still make the Playoffs

The Carolina Panthers are not realistically out of the playoffs but there needs to be a few Jedi Mind Tricks, coupled with some Hail Mary’s and a tie. To begin, the team must take care of business on their end. After their win against the Washington Redskins Monday night, that’s one obstacle down.

Next, they will need the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to lose to the New Orleans Saints Sunday, the Green Bay Packers to lose to the Minnesota Vikings and the Panthers still, must go out and beat the Atlanta Falcons Sunday. Now, first glance this all seems possible if you’re a Panthers fan. Sunday seems like everything can fall into their favor. But it’s the last week of the season where things will get a little tricky for the NFC defending champs.

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Here is a run down of what must happen in week 17 if the Panthers are to make the playoffs.

To begin, the Panthers will need to beat the Buccaneers, then pray that the Saints lose to the Falcons, then turn around and cheer for the Chicago Bears as they look to upset the Packers and then the real praying starts. After that’s done, the Panthers will look to the football Gods and ask for a miracle that’s rarely answered. They will need the Redskins to either lose to the Chicago Bears in Week 16 or tie, then turn around and do the same against the New York Giants in week 17.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Redskins will need to lose to either the Giants or the Bears then tie with the other.

I’ve seen strange things happen in my years of watching sports and let’s not forget that the Redskins have already been involved in a tie game this year so it’s not that far off that it can’t happen again.

Like I said earlier, it’s a longshot but anything is possible if the football Gods are listening.

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