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How to catch up on Pretty Little Liars seasons 1-6 before series finale

For anyone that’s been living under a rock for the past few years, you may have missed out on one of the best shows to ever hit TV. Pretty Little Liars has aired for 6.5 season and will officially go silent in 2017.

For six seasons we watched as Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna fought for their lives. They were a force to lie, swindle and anything else they had to do to either prove their innocence and find out the truth. But haven’t we seen this plot before? There have been countless mystery shows throughout TV history but NONE has managed to make you as angry, sad and happy as Pretty Little Liars. And that emotion can all hit you on one episode alone.

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The show begins centered around the death of Alison but as it moved forward it morphed into something greater. Not only did her four friends play a huge role but the addition of outside character has made PLL what it is today. Where would the show be without the early season’s lost look of Toby or the devious intentions of Mona and Jenna? Caleb comes from nowhere and changed the landscape of the show as the team’s private investigator. Not to mention his romantic involvement with two of the Liars that has shaped season 7.

But for fans that may be in the hunt for a new show to binge watch over the Holiday season there is none better than PLL. Hopefully you will be caught up before 7B airs and then you can ht the 100’s of fan forums and share your thoughts and theories like the rest of us.

Here is where you can catch up with seasons 1-6 of Pretty Little Liars

Netflix: It comes with a free month subscription (watch all 6 season in that month, then cancel)

Freeform: The official station for Pretty Little Liars which has season 7- episodes 6-10. Check back on the site for the early episodes of 7A.

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