Can Impact Wrestling build its own brand

In order for Impact Wrestling to succeed, they need to start building their own superstars

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Its known that TNA Wrestling has had a bit of change over the last few months. Some of the changes include the name of the show to the ownership to the wrestlers competing in the ring. In the last week, there have been plenty of Impact Wrestlers who have left the company and they are Drew Galloway, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Jade, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis. While there have been people leaving Impact Wrestling, they haven’t brought in any big name wrestlers to replace those that left the company last week. The two biggest names they have brought in are Josh Barnett and Alberto Del Rio.


This is where my problem is with Impact Wrestling and why I can’t see it surviving much longer. Impact Wrestling needs to start building their own wrestlers from within their company and not rely on wrestlers from Ring of Honor or WWE. I am not saying that when a wrestler gets released from any wrestling promotion that they shouldn’t sign elsewhere, all I am saying is that they should be what drives the company. If you look at Ring of Honor, their top guy is Adam Cole. He may have had brief runs with other companies, however, he has become the face of Ring of Honor. Same thing with the WWE, their champion is currently Bray Wyatt. He has been a home grown talent for the WWE as he was brought up in their developmental system which is NXT.

If you look at Impact Wrestling, they really don’t have a face of their company who is homegrown. I am aware that they have Bobby Lashley, but he is someone who made his name in WWE. The only other major name they have is Alberto Del Rio, who according to people who were at the most recent taping, was given a shot at the Impact title and won it. While I give credit to the people at Impact for trying to survive at this point, I think it would be better for the ship to sink and to close up business, if they don’t start building up new people from within your company.

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