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Impractical Jokers: New Challenge Ideas

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If you have never seen “Impractical Jokers” on TruTv, you have no idea what you are missing. In what is one of the most hilarious half hours of the week, four friends compete in challenges where they are forced to do and say some hilarious stuff. It is a hidden camera show, and the laughs are endless.

Joe, Murr, Sal and Q comprise the four friends who go head to head in challenges with one another, with the one who loses the most challenges in the episode set to face an even more hilarious punishment. Often the guys are pretending to be a cashier or employee of some sort and need to do or say whatever the other three tell them through their earpiece. Sometimes they spin the Wheel of Doom and must perform the ridiculous task, such as taking a kick to the groin from a kid. Some of their most hilarious challenges come in grocery stores, where the four friends from Staten Island must steal things from other shoppers carts, without getting caught.

The Jokers have done a bunch of great and hilarious challenges. But that begs the question, what are some things they have yet to do? Well, here are a few ideas that could make for some laugh out the loud television in the future.

Impractical Jokers become Meter Maids

Now can’t you see the potential of the four friends walking around, pretending to check meters? This could be done several places, as the Jokers are based in the Metropolitan area. They could easily find a nice beach town on the Jersey Shore, and have some real fun. Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant and Pier Village are three places that come to mind immediately.

The Jokers could go around giving people the impression they were on the hunt to hand out tickets. Just picture Murr standing in front of an open space and a car pulls in. The driver leaves the car to pay for parking, but as soon as they step out, Murr begins to write up a fake ticket. The reaction of the driver would be priceless. But that would just be the start of it, as then Murr and the driver would have a surefire hilarious exchange.

And as they are walking around patrolling, they will have countless opportunities to interact with the people. And you know the drill, they need to “do and say as they are told, or they lose.” So let the guys roam the streets and large tourist parking lots, and let the laughs ensue.

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Welcome to Walmart, my name is Q

If you have ever been to Walmart, you have surely been greeted at the door at least once. Now, what would happen if we replaced a normal greeter, with one of our four funnymen? Laughs, and lots of them would happen.

The best part of this idea is the potential for giving the guys something to do before knowing who even walks through the door. Q may be told to flirt with the next customer to walk in until he gets their number, only to have an old man to walk in. Q would then proceed to walk around the entire store with the man until he could get his number. And that is one of a million possible scenarios.

Anytime you have a Joker as a welcoming committee of sorts you have the potential for a classic moment. Who will greet who? And who is going to have to hurl a monster insult at the next person to walk in the door, whether it is a baby or an old lady? We will only find out if the guys end up as greeters at some point.

The Jokers go to college

Now I have a very specific idea in mind for this one. As a student at Monmouth University, which just so happens to be in New Jersey, I would love it if they filmed a challenged on our great campus. The guys have visited Monmouth Park (which Murr has probably been banned from thanks to what they put him through), which is literally like five minutes away. So I know they can come to West Long Branch!

Now once on campus, they have a few options. We can stick them as a cashier in the student center. Sal could end up delaying a freshman who is late for class by examining his Student ID. Or Sal could tell the same freshman he cannot buy his food until he grabs a bag of chips and a sandwich for him.

Or they could enjoy the beautiful campus and walk around a bit. Maybe ask for some signatures for their college-related petitions? Or try to sell some bogus item that they will claim every college student must have. The possibilities are endless.

But the potential of having the Jokers interact with college students is just too priceless to pass up. The reactions they would get would likely be some of the best in the shows history. So what do you say fellas, how about you come on down to Monmouth!

Larry, I need the waffle cones!

“Larry, the ice cream machine is broken!”. This is what we could be hearing if the Jokers find themselves working in an ice cream shop. Of all of the food places they have found themselves in, I do not believe they have never pretended to be workers in an ice cream parlor. They have done delis, donuts, pizza and so much more, but no ice cream.

I can just picture Joe having a blast with a soft serve ice cream machine. And you know they would make him eat some ice cream straight from the machine itself at some point. Then add in all of the hard ice cream, sprinkles, other toppings and the cones, and the possibilities go on and on.

Some of their best work have come in food-related settings. The Castle of White scene is priceless. Sal throwing a piece of chicken at someone who then confronted him was a laugh out loud moment. Then there was the time Sal became the cannoli whisperer. The list goes on and on. So let’s add ice cream to that list, and see what the impractical jokers can do.

Punishment: Little League Heckler

The punishments on the show can be brutal sometimes. One of the most brutal to watch was the time they made Sal yell bingo after each number that was pulled in a full bingo hall. That places hated his guts, and he ended up being taken out by security. So the bottom line is, they know no boundaries.

So that is why I can totally picture the loser of an episode finding himself at a Little League field. It will be full of kids, and parents who are there to cheer for their kids. And then there is Sal. And Sal will be forced to yell something negative with each and every play.

Now Little League coaches/parents can be (not all, but some) some of the meanest around. The stories you hear at times about them yelling at umpires are ridiculous. So how do you think they would react to Sal when he is there telling the children he has seen better throws on his grandma’s couch. It would start with the parents telling him to just shut up. But then he would keep going and going. It surely would not end until Sal was kicked out.

Now these are just a few ideas. The Impractical Jokers could have some real fun if they put these ideas to use. Maybe we will see them come to life in the not so distant future! What is your favorite Impractical Jokers challenge? And what kind of challenges do you want to see in the future from our four favorite Staten Island jokers? Tell us in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: New Challenge Ideas”

  1. Steph K. – Looks like no one has commented here but I’d like to try. U can borrow my puppy for this episode if you’d like, lol. And this is real life for me right now..lol..Bring the puppy to the store in the shopping cart & as people, men & women come rushing to the cart to say hello unexpectedly, and have them say weird shit & rude strange things to see people’s reactions. For example, ‘He’ll poop in your cereal’, ‘He doesn’t bite but sometimes I do.’ ‘His name is get outta my face’, ‘His name is ‘Coujo’ , ‘I thought I saw u staring but maybe u smelled it? ‘ .. & on & on. I got tons of ideas. Lmao. Lmk!!

  2. Dylan H-go to a Starbucks and as a customer order a drink with a ridiculous name and then the other guys tell you what to say for what’s in it and then if you get the barista to make it you get thumbs up.

  3. Send the jokers to lowes Home Depot etc to buy duct tape plastic wrap, saw, lime, shovels, storage
    Tubs, axes etc and “hint” about what it’s for etc. he should have kept his mouth shut etc lol

  4. While in front of someone in the express checkout at walmart ask a customer if they can do you a favor. If yes is the response then ask if they could go get you the largest (50 lb bag of dog food) and a goldfish. (which in most Wal-Marts is in the back of the store) Then as they’re walking away he would have to tell them its for his mother. ” Its for my mother, She really loves the stuff”. When the person goes towards the back- start checking out the other persons shopping cart and leave. (Imagine the cashier’s face).

  5. At a Walmat make the people who come in the exit go back and come in the entrance or the people who go out entrance made to come back in and leave through the exit.

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