Living: Highlight Your Landscaping Design with Rocks & Various Types of Stone Walls

Natural stone undoubtedly, is one of the most important and versatile elements of landscape designing. Rocks are known to add contrast and texture, require very little or zero maintenance and acts as a pretty durable groundcover.

Landscaping with the Right Rocks

Adding right rocks to your garden helps in highlighting your yard. River rocks or beach pebbles infuses an element of warmth, while dazzling white marble chips help in brightening up shady spots. Flat terracotta stones are best for tropical landscapes, but do not complement formal garden settings.

For a Polynesian-themed or minimalist modern garden, you could experiment with black lava rocks. Remember stones would be lasting indefinitely, so it is vital to select a look that would keep you happy for several years to come. Stone walls are used to highlight gardens. You could choose from a wide spectrum of stone walls to make your garden stand out from the rest. You can consult King Landscape Company for best landscaping ideas and solutions.

Undulating Fieldstone Walls

Undulating fieldstone walls help in creating effective barriers, while giving a chic and stylish appearance to the garden. Fieldstone provides a natural material just right for garden walls. You could be dry stacking stones or using mortar for holding them together. To create a natural garden setting, stone walls seem to be the best option as they are durable and truly classic.

Combination Wood Fence & Fieldstone Walls

If you have a fascination for wood fencing and stone, you could incorporate both in your landscape design. A typical fence would be featuring a really low wall of fieldstone topped with one wooden shake center. It would however, be capped with small pickets. A stone foundation really gives a robust and substantial look to the fence. Round fieldstones are easily mortared into place thanks to their shape.

Curved Flagstone Walls

Infuse a stylish look to your backyard patio by using a curved flagstone wall. The circular flagstone wall would be creating a feeling of privacy and enclosure. Flagstone is usually available in large sheets mostly from ¾ inch in thickness to 4 inches in thickness. Limestone, Granite and Quartz are most common kinds of flagstone.

Stacked-Stone Entryway

The stacked-stone wall is the perfect choice if you want to integrate a garden bed into your entryway. The tight-fitting flat stones provide structure and strength which is vital for when it will be filled with soil to make a planting bed. Let your imagination run free, mix and match different masonry types to come up with impressive new designs.

Mortared Stone Walls

A mortared stone wall is perfect in any landscape and setting. It is sturdy, and can hold in a natural, terraced slope, perfect for your planting beds. Stone looks natural and is very sturdy, hence being the material of choice for garden walls of any type.

Stacked Block Walls

If you’re thinking of uniform, smooth walls, it could be a fantastic idea to go for concrete blocks or other manufactured materials. By stacking them in any order, you could establish an effective, seamless boundary and bring about a minimalist, aesthetically pleasing look to the entire landscape. These walls tend to be low, but act as an effective demarcation, creating a courtyard in front of the house.

Stone & Lattice Walls

A combination of latticework top and stone base helps to create a tall wall having a see-through appeal. The latticework top adds an element of style and also, provides a support structure for vines.

Varied-Size Stone Walls

While landscaping, you could construct a varied-size stone wall to showcase the diversity and beauty of stone, in your garden. Small and large stones are mortared together for creating a textural wall, which is ideal for a country or cottage garden. The bamboo lattice would provide plants with a place for climbing.