Pets: Reasons Why Grooming Is Important To Your Dog’s Health

Contrary to what many people think, dog grooming is not a luxury but a necessity for your dogs comfort and health, with the added benefit of looking great of course. Cleaning and grooming your dog regularly makes it easier to identify health problems before they get out of hand and leaves your pet feeling comfortable and happy. The following are some of the reasons why PrimpPlay recommends regular dog grooming

Matted dog fur

Have you ever had gum stuck in your hair? Remember how uncomfortable it felt when the hair was all clumped up together tugging on your skin and almost impossible to comb? Now imagine having that all over your body. That is how dogs feel when their fur is matted if you do not groom their coats.

Besides the obvious discomfort, the matted fur can hide lumps, injuries and bumps on the dog’s skin that require attention as soon as possible. The matted fur also makes it quite comfortable for ticks and fleas to live in. Detecting these questionable masses on the dog’s skin is possible through regular grooming and it could potentially save your dog’s life.

Ear infections

Dogs have fur growing deep within the ear canal. This fur needs to be trimmed and cleaned at least once every four to six weeks.  If this hair is not trimmed and cleaned, the dog risks getting ear inflammations and infections that could affect the overall health of the dog. During grooming, the dogs ears are inspected for any visible signs of infection and the ears are cleaned while the hair within is trimmed.

Hair around the private parts

Clearing hair off the dog’s private parts is crucial for good hygiene. When the hair around the private parts is too thick and long, excretions may end up sticking on it and the dog will carry it indoors. This not only poses a health risk to the dog but also to the entire family. It might end up in the dog’s food, on your carpet or even your couch without you noticing. Having excretions on the dog’s fur also makes it stink.


Leaving the crust on the corner of the dog’s eyes without cleaning it can lead to eyesores. These eyesores are not only uncomfortable for the dog but also make the dog prone to infections, which could even lead to loss of vision. During washing, the groomer carefully removes the thick crust and inspects the eyes for any sores that may require medication.

Grooming time is bonding time

Grooming time is great bonding time between the pet and the owner. It helps create a better relationship between you and your pet. You can brush your dog’s fur with a specialized brush at least once or twice a week. This allows you to enjoy a few uninterrupted minutes together. You can leave the heavy grooming, clipping and trimming to the professionals. Grooming is a great way to reassure the pet that they are loved and wanted to prevent any destructive behaviour.