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Marvel: After Logan, it’s clear Fox must sell X-Men rights to Disney

As great as Logan was there were some issues that threw me for a loop. I’ve never been a comic reader as my experience into the whole superhero world has come from the movies. However, as a movie buff, I was lost when I saw Professor X in Logan. Last time I checked he was killed off in X-Men: Last Stand

So, you can understand my confusion when the camera showed him in Logan and with hair at that. Charles hasn’t had a speck of hair on his head in ages but somehow 20th Century Fox thought it would be a great idea to change things up. As I asked around how this could be I was hit with many different answers and only one stuck out. “Fox can do what they want in order to make money”.

I guess that makes sense in a way. But why continue to confuse an audience like we haven’t seen the previous Wolverine or X-Men movies?

I understand the X-Men reboot where Professor X is younger. It takes us back to understand how everything was started but in doing so it still stays in line with the original story from the older films. Which still leaves me to ask “how the hell is he still alive”? I had to dig deep and do a little research on which studio owns what rights and was blown away by what I found.

I’m not much of a DC guy. I’m pro-Marvel all the way, but to find out that Marvel used to own the rights to X-Men and others prompted me to write this article. What will it take for Marvel/Disney to get back the rights to their characters?

It was stated that Hugh Jackman would not have left the Wolverine role if Marvel could have taken over the franchise. That lets you know that he may not have been happy with the direction it was headed in or the rut it has been in lately. How great would it be for fans to see Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men fighting side by side with SpiderMan and the Avengers in Infinity Wars?

There has to be a way that Fox and Marvel can come to some sort of agreement that they can share the rights to X-Men and reach a bigger payday. Right now, Marvel is king while the rest are playing catch up. There has been little to no reboots from the Marvel camp, yet SpiderMan and X-Men have seen several. That alone is proof enough that what they have currently going on is not working. Marvel agreed to help Sony with the development of SpiderMan after two reboots and now his character has probably the most anticipated movie of 2017. 

Don’t get me wrong, I will still continue to support everything X-Men but at some point Fox has to come to realize they need help. What will happen after the current X-Men saga is over? Will they do yet another reboot? Marvel has movies lined up for the next few years while Fox is filled with rumors of a Deadpool 3, X-Force and a few others, with the possibility of a joint film with Marvel in the future.

What this all boils down to are egos and money. Fox needs to take a page out of the Sony and Marvel handbook, join forces and give the fans what we crave. I will lose my mind if I see another Professor X sighting after he died twice in two separate films.

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Mark Wilson
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3 thoughts on “Marvel: After Logan, it’s clear Fox must sell X-Men rights to Disney”

  1. “SpiderMan and X-Men have seen several. That alone is proof enough that what they have currently going on is not working”

    Spider-Man is owned by Sony, not Fox, and the other Spidey movies were still great, as were a number of the X-Men films.

  2. So you’re not an avid comic book fan I can see. Old man Logan story line is an alternate universe in the Marvel world. There are many alternate timelines within Marvel and DC, much like Deadpool kills the Marvel universe. Disney would just mess things up.

  3. X-Men: The Last Stand has a post-credit scene that shows that he transferred his consciousness into another body.

    That’s how he was alive for X-Men: Days of Future Past, which actually erases all the original X-Men movies (everything after 1973 is different, because Wolverine went back to 1973 and created a new future).

    So The Last Stand actually answers how he survived the Dark Phoenix killing him, and Days of Future Past wipes out those movies, anyway.

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