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Jennifer Lopez needs to break it off with Alex Rodriguez and spend some time alone

I have no idea how to explain what Jennifer Lopez is going through. I’ve tried multiple times, however, I may be just as lost and confused as she is when it comes to dating and looking for happiness. But, here’s the thing, we’re different. She’s rich, I’m not. She’s beautiful, I’m not and she has one of the best looking asses in the world and I have, well, you get the point.

But one thing I do understand is the importance of self-love.

Not saying that Lopez doesn’t but in all fairness– how can she? I’ve never met her personally but from what we see in the news and tabloids, it seems that she’s afraid to be alone. The Sean Combs relationship was about exposure. After breaking up with him she was in the arms of Ben Affleck. Well before the high-profile relationships, there was the little ones that set the everything in place.

There was a 10-year run with David Cruz. After that relationship ended she ended up with Wesley Snipes for a year. After Snipes, Lopez started dating and married Ojani Noa who she stayed with for 2 years. Once they broke up she got involved with Tommy Mottola, then right after that in 1999 is when she began her 2-year relationship with Puffy.

Once the glitz and glamour of dating Puffy wore off, Lopez tried the marriage route again with dancer, Chris Judd for 3 years. That relationship faltered and single Lopex hit the trail again. In 2002 she begins dating actor, Ben Affleck for 2 years until that relationship fell on hard times and she married Marc Anthony in 2004. In 2011 their marriage ended and Lopez began another relationship with yet another dancer, this time Casper Smart. Their relationship ended in 2016 and since then, Lopez has been linked back to Anthony, Drake and now Alex Rodriguez.

If the A-Rod romance is true then A-Rod and Lopez may need to rethink this union. They do look good together but Lopez history shows a part of destruction headed their way. Two years seem to be the norm for her and there’s a very good reason for that.

It takes some time to heal from a breakup and while many believe that a month or two alone will do the trick, those of us normal people know this is not true. Hollywood must have a rule that as soon as one relationship ends you must jump head first into another one. Well, Lopez needs time. She needs time to organize her life and emotions. I can understand the need to search for love but if it hasn’t worked out in the past six relationships then you need to sit back and reevaluate yourself. If she continues to do this how will she ever find the happiness she’s obviously looking for?

What she’s seeking at this moment cannot be found in a man. The emptiness she’s feeling is from within. She may be happy on the outside but inside she’s lost. Now, A-Rod stays in the spotlight. He’s not a player anymore but his name is still mentioned with a dark cloud in baseball circles. I love the two of them together and while Lopez’s friends, family, and paparazzi also does, she must do what’s best for her in the long run.

Lopez needs time to heal, not a new relationship.


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Mark Wilson
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