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Jordan Crawford : Can He Help The Boston Celtics Down The Stretch?

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With Boston Celtic guards Rajon Rondo and Leandro Barbosa both going down with season ending injuries, it looks as if Boston’s season may be done for.  The matter of the fact is it’s not as the Celtics have actually improved following Rondo’s injury.

Despite being the team’s main facilitator, Rondo isn’t a very good scorer and without him, Boston is doing a good job at scoring without him thanks to Jeff Green and Courtney Lee stepping up in Rondo’s absence. 

Will there be a playoff run for the Celtics in 2013 without Rondo? With Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce’s storied career’s coming to an end, the C’s have–perhaps–one more run to the Finals if they can get past the defending NBA champion Miami Heat.

Barbosa was dealt to the Washington Wizards for Jordan Crawford with the Celtics giving up a draft pick. You cannot help but give Celtics general manager, Danny Ainge kudos in being able to fleece a rival GM in being able to land a quality reserve–and healthy–player in Crawford for an injured bench warmer in Barbosa.

While Jordan no Jamal, Crawford can provide quality minutes off the bench for Boston in addition, bring some scoring off the bench and fresh legs.

The Celtics may be losing Garnett and Pierce, but Ainge and the Celtics have done a masterful job of bringing platooning young talent in Crawford, Green and Lee, whose talent is more than adequate in filling in for Rondo and help provide some much needed punch for Boston down the stretch.

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