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Justice League: Cyborg adds a dimension that is vital to team’s success

When the Justice League was announced many wondered who the main characters would be. Of course, there would the presence of Superman, Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman but it was the last two that had many guessing. Aquaman could be a given depending on which direction they wanted to go in but it was the selection of Cyborg that shook up a few geeks.

For me, a hardcore Smallville fan I was glad they chose Cyborg over Green Lantern. I’ve never read a comic in my life however, I was glued to the TV every week for Smallville and loved the few episodes where the Justice League would come together. Cyborg didn’t have any huge parts in the show but his character brings an element that the team surely needs.

Superman has the strength and the ability to fly. Wonder Woman is a warrior, Aquaman controls the water with a gritty appearance, Flash is supersonic fast and Batman knows only one thing, fighting. Where Cyborg fits in will be the surprise element to the film. He has the chance to actually steal the movie from the well-known crime fighters. His strength is far more potent than every character besides Superman but it’s his brain that the Justice League will lean on the most.

Victor Stone has an IQ of 170 and while he focuses more on the physical side of his powers, it will be wise for the writers to use his intellect to balance the scales of power within his own team. In most cases, Cyborg is the Iron Man of the Justice League, minus the billionaire Playboy status that Tony Stark carries with him. For a team to succeed they must have the brawn and the smarts. Superman, nor Batman is known for their IQ wich will make Stone as valuable as any character.

While he’s more machine than anything he still has a human feel that will draw followers in. While every eye will be on the Dark Knight, the man from Krypton and the legs of Diana, the one to keep an eye on will be the kid with the red-eye.

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