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Justice League: If DC Comics give us 10 minutes of Superman, I will be pissed

For DC Comics fans who attended the San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, they were given a special surprise. Instead of just a panel for Justice League, fans were given a four-minute trailer. While the trailer did show some footage of past scenes we were given a few surprises along the way. There was a bit more Alfred. We saw Aquaman in his element. Wonder Woman was showing how she lives two separate lives. The Flash was still on his comical tone and Cyborg proved that he could fly a jet. Batman, well, he was his normal stoned-faced vigilante self but the bigger issue– where the heck was Superman?

Since the mention that we were getting a Justice League film, comic fans tried to figure out how this could work. You know, with the whole Superman being dead and all. But, welcome to the wonderful world of “this is not a comic book”.

Looking back at past trailers, there was no Man of Steel in sight. That alone had angered me. Superman is by far my favorite DC character and to not see one second of him in the trailers had me looking forward to actually passing on this film. All the footage has been centered around the above-mentioned characters with a few references to Superman being dead. But this trailer gave us a glimpse of what we should expect.

The issue is– when does this scene take place?

The scene I’m referring to is at the end of the trailer where Alfred is talking to a person whose face we cannot see. But judging how the scene came to be with the water in the glass shaking, it leaves us to believe that it’s Superman he’s talking to.

But it begs the question of why do this to the fans? We get that Superman is supposed to be dead and all but isn’t he a vital part of the Justice League? It seems the entire movies is all action with no Clark Kent. Maybe the trailer is designed to fool us into believing that but if that’s so then is Superman off on the side fighting cause we see no glimpse of him in any major battle scenes? My biggest fear is that DC Comics will pull a Wonder Woman on us like they did with Batman vs Superman where she showed up in the last 10 minutes of the movie.

I can understand that as it was a BvS film but this is Justice League flick and to only have Superman make a cameo is plain stupid.

I don’t care if it’s building up to JL2 or not. Look at the Avengers. Each main character has their screen time and for that alone is why Marvel has continued to outshine DC in terms of audiences. 10 minutes is no way to treat the greatest superhero of All-Time. He deserve better than that and so do we.

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