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Kansas City Chiefs: Could DeSean Jackson, Maclin and Andy Reid team up again?

The Kansas City Chiefs are a free agent away from making heads turn in 2017. Think about a reunion of DeSean Jackson, Andy Reid and Jeremy Maclin. Scary right. But, will it happen?

It’s possible.

Alex Smith is not Drew Bress or Tom Brady but his receivers have not been the league’s best during his tenure in Kansas City either. For some reason, I can feel that special year coming for Smith. The one that shuts EVERYONE up about his arm strength and the one that puts him on pace for a 5,000 yard Pro Bowl year. If Reid can somehow persuade Jackson not to resign with the Washington Redskins or head back to the Philadelphia Eagles, this could be that year.

Smith passed for 3,502 yards, 15 touchdowns, eight interceptions with a completion percentage of 67%. Smith makes great decisions with the football but he does not have the touchdowns to validate. This is where Jackson comes into play. Jackson is a savage on the field. He knows how to play one way, straight ahead. The ball is thrown, he catches and makes plays. In 2016 for the Redskins, he caught 56 passes for 1005 and four touchdowns. Those are the numbers the Chiefs are looking for when it comes to their wideouts.

Maclin caught 44 passes for 536 yards, Tyreek Hill, 61 passes for 593 yards and TE, Travis Kelce caught 85 passes for 1125 yards. The ball gets spread around but is there enough passes for Jackson to stay happy. Yes. This is Reid we’re talking about. The same man who drafted both Maclin and Jackson to make them one of the best duos in the NFL. Their time with the Eagles was a blur, and while it didn’t work out for them in Philly, they have a chance to re-write their story in Kansas City.

But, the emergence of Hill may suggest Jackson is not needed. No sir. Hill coming on strong in 2016 was the best thing that could happen to the offense and a recruiting tool for a player like Jackson.

Jackson wants to win, he craves competition and still has an undying love for Reid and Maclin. For Jackson, this is not a do-over but a chance for him to give thanks to the man who made his career what it is now.

Imagine Smith under center, looking over one shoulder and seeing Jackson and Kelce, then over the other to see Hill and Maclin, then turning around and see RB Spencer Ware. How deadly of an offense would that be? The Raiders are fast-paced but with Jackson, the Chiefs would be better.

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