Kim Kardashian: Reality star robbed in Paris. Was it an inside job?

How does one of the most famous people in the world manage to get robbed in Paris and no one is injured during the process? I’m not calling Kim Kardashian, Ophrah Winfrey or Michelle Obama but, she is on another level when it comes to face and name recognition.

I understand that she needs her privacy but where is that famous security detail she always has? Something is fishy about this story and the statement is not adding up. Kardashian was tied up in a bathroom and robbed of more than $10M in jewelry. The report says that the five robbers were dressed as police officers and wearing a ski mask. How is that even possible? It also states that it looked as if there were no forced entry meaning either she or someone in her camp let them in.

How do you let five people in wearing mask? It’s not Halloween yet, even in Paris so what was going on in the first place that made police show up at her door? The report also says she and rapper, Kanye West’s two kids were not harmed in the attack. It all leads up to an inside job. Kim was not alone while in Paris. She was visiting for Paris Fashion Week with the rest of her family but where was everyone else? Was there no security standing outside her door or even in the apartment?

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But, if there were no forced entry for three of the five men then they were somehow connected to Kim. Maybe they were already in the apartment waiting for their partners to make their move? The details are sketchy at best but it does raise a few flags. There are details being left out for a reason, and right now it looks as if it was an inside job or the entire story is false.

I would hate to say that someone would lie about something like this but we felt bad for Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte after it was reported that he was robbed while in Rio, only to find out he lied about the incident. It’s no secret the Kardashians are headline and attention seekers, so what if this was done to focus more attention her way as her skimpy outfits have failed to generate enough buzz lately.

Not saying this is true but, it all seems a little sketchy with the details being provided.

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Mark Wilson
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