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Kylie Bunbury has turned FOX’s Pitch into a must watch show

The first two episodes of Pitch gave me the feeling that the show would not make it past the first season, but the last three episodes have completely turned my thoughts around. I actually like the show. The storyline is still a bit unbelievable but thanks to actress Kylie Bunbury the show now has legs to stand on.

Bunbury’s character, Ginny Wright is great as a major leaguer but it’s the flashbacks that have added substance to not on her character but the overall show. One of the first that we got to see was how her father passed away, but as we saw last week it was her best friend’s father that took the life of her father. Wright’s relationship with Blip Sanders is great but it’s the relationship that she wants to have with Mike Lawson that may be the deciding factor of this show.

If the writers are smart they will back away from anything romantic involving these two characters. To begin with, it won’t work. Lawson is entirely too old and the show already has that dreamy feel to it so to make it more tangled the show is hinting at a possible crush that Ginny may have on Mike. He seems oblivious to her feelings and that’s’ good as Lawson has been romantically involved with her agent Amelia. If the show is to have any success, the pair cannot become a couple.

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Pitch is my introduction to Bunbury and her acting and beauty have a hold on me. Her range as an actor is outstanding and she displays emotion and enough charisma that she shines whenever she’s on screen. I was not a believer at first but as the show has moved past the “first female in baseball” and focused on Ginny her character has come to life. What’s missing is that love interest that is sure to come. She has a great relationship with Sanders wife, Evelyn, and their kids and has bonded with hew teammates.

While Pitch has received bad reviews even before the show debuted it continues to move in the right direction weekly. It’s hard to say if FOX will renew it but a show like this, right in the middle of the World Series was a smart move. But, after the season is over is when the real test will begin. Right now, ads for Pitch are being broadcast during the World Series and as a baseball fan, I will need something to hold me over until Spring Training. A weekly look at Bunbury is not a bad idea.

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