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Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner Ep. 32: Clinton’s Secret Past

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In today’s Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner episode, Liberty Lad breaks down Hillary Clinton’s past close connections with Klansmen and segregationists: racist, hateful people that have no place in American society. It’s important to remember: the Democrat Party has an ugly, history when it comes to racial matters and it’s sad how the media and the general public is portraying we constitutional conservatives today.

The constitutional conservative movement championed by Reaganites all across America is the most inclusive political ideology out there today. The Constitution prevents racism and gives equal power, liberty, and protection under the law to every American. However, throughout American history, racial injustice has been a significant problem, especially during the slavery era and the Jim Crow era of segregation. It is important to remember: The Democratic Party has always been the party preaching racial injustice and intolerance. The Republican Party has always been a champion of racial equality, a colorblind America, and faith in God. We are all created from the image of God. We ought to love one another regardless of race or ethnicity.

The ugly, unspoken past of the Democratic party is all but forgotten as Hillary Clinton goes on high dungeon about Trump’s supposed racist, bigoted, and antisemitic tendencies. Granted, some of Trump’s past policy proposals have been questionable and unconstitutional (the “Muslim Ban”), but his true tendencies are not racist nor anti-semitic. Throughout the first sixty-nine years of his life, Trump has never been branded a racist. Now that he is running as the Republican Nominee, all of a sudden he is a racist, a bigot, an anti-Semite, and a misogynist. This kind of accusations stagnate our political discussions and prevent any progress to be made.

Many Hillary Clinton’s past confidantes and mentors were either members of the KKK or segregationists who filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Robert Byrd, who Clinton praised as a mentor and true American, was a former recruiter for the KKK in his 30s and a man who wrote: “The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.” Byrd voted against both Clarence Thomas and Thurgood Marshall, two African American Supreme Court Justices.

Bill Fulbright, Bill Clinton’s mentor in Arkansas publicly tried to prevent African American youths from going to school with white youths. Fulbright also embraced segregation and was an ardent defender of Jim Crow, filibustering the Civil Rights Act.

It is important for Americans to know this: when members of the Democratic Establishment like Hillary Clinton label Republicans as “racists” or “bigots,” what they refuse to recognize is their very own ugly, immoral, bigoted history of segregation and racial inequality. Not that Democrats are racist, as the overwhelming majority Americans are not, but rather that over American history, the Democratic Party has always been the anti-GOP, the anti-liberty, and the pro-Jim-Crow.

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