Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner: Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump

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In today’s episode, a passionate Liberty Lad breaks down Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Trump in this election cycle and comments on the heartbreaking riots and loss of lives in the great state of North Carolina.

Principles and integrity are more important than ideology or politics. That is an undeniable truth in my humble opinion. Those who threaten and reject our principles need to be called out and stopped to the best of our ability. That is where the fine line is usually drawn. In this election cycle unlike no other, it seems as if Senator Cruz is doing what his conscience and principles tell him to do: to stop Hillary Clinton anyway, he can.

It had never been my desire to see Trump emerge out of a pool of many great conservatives as the Republican nominee. He’s not trustworthy and sports many liberal stances that his campaign has not been shy to express up to today. What we can see and conclude for a fact, however, is that Donald Trump’s intention is to Make America Great Again.  His methods of doing that, albeit not very conservative nor liberty-oriented, put America as their priority and a Trump presidency can, I truly believe, undo some of the damages done to America by the Obama administration.

That is not to say that Trump is the perfect candidate or that he’s the second coming of Reagan because he is far from that. What we can confidently say, however, is that a Hillary Clinton presidency will be far worse. Her radical agenda and deep-rooted socialist ideals put America in the backseat while ideology takes over. Her thirst for power reaches far beyond the next eight years: a Clinton administration will fundamentally turn America upside down, to a country you and I cannot possibly recognize.

Part of the left’s damage on America can be seen from the riots happening currently in the great state of North Carolina, one of the country’s best states. The general public perceives the Black Lives Matter movement as a peaceful protest fuelled by the desire for racial equality. Sadly, that is far from the truth. I have written and talked about Black Lives Matter multiple times, and we have had enough. This needs to end. Unfortunately, to stop the damage from spreading any further, we might have to vote for Trump.

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