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Living: Here’s Why E-Learning is Becoming More Popular

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By Carol Trehearn

Online learning has been possible for over a decade, however it has only recently begun to take the student population by storm.

Once seen as ‘lesser’ than traditional classroom learning, e-learning and online courses were shunned by students in favor of physical colleges and degree courses, with many being misinformed that an online degree was less effective or worth less than its traditional counterparts. However, as this misinformation has been debunked by experts stressing that online learning could actually be a more effective alternative. There has been a significant increase in the number of undergraduate and postgraduate students taking classes online.

Flexible Learning

Taking an online degree course, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, offers a level of flexibility which would be impossible to achieve with a traditional classroom-based degree. When you study online, you are essentially left to choose your own time to study, making it easier than ever to fit your education around full time work, family, travel and other commitments.

Those studying to become a Doctor of Nursing Practice can practice online whilst still working as a full time nurse and perhaps even being a parent with as little interruption as possible. Visit Bradley University for more information on the DNP online course.

Cheaper Learning

Another key reason online learning is on the rise is that it’s often significantly cheaper for students than its traditional counterparts. As tuition fees are rising dramatically, more students are contemplating forgoing a degree in favor of full time work in order to avoid being saddled with debt so early in life.

For students worried about the financial cost of university, online degrees can be a fantastic alternative, as tuition fees are often a lot lower. Learning online also means that there is no need to spend money on relocating closer to your place of study or commuting to lectures and seminars each day. Many online degree courses also come with e-books and other resources included, saving students money on textbooks.

Just as Effective

Studies have revealed that online learning is just as, if not more effective than traditional classroom learning. The ability to study at your own pace and set your own study times makes completing a degree a much less stressful experience for many students, as they can revisit areas which need more work rather than risking being ‘left behind’ as the class moves on.

Along with that, online learning is much easier to tailor to a student’s preferred learning style as it is a more personal and individual experience. Online degrees are offered by a range of reputable colleges and are worth exactly the same as a traditional, classroom-based degree.

If you’re thinking of applying to college but are worried about the cost and commitment, an online degree can be a cheaper and much more flexible alternative method of achieving your academic and career goals.

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