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Logan: Marvel saved the best for last

It all started in 2000 with X-Men. No one knew how the world would receive a collection of superheroes, but Marvel and Fox took a chance on possibly the greatest comic turned cartoon and made it into a full-length movie. While the X-Men was always a fan favorite with their huge cast, there was always one that stood out amongst the rest. Logan

Professor X was the mastermind, Cyclops, the leader, Jean Grey was the powerful one, Storm was the silent assassin and Wolverine/Logan was, well, unstoppable. How can one actually describe Wolverine? He’s fearless, a warrior, loyal and deadly. Fox Studios and Hugh Jackman has done a wonderful job of bringing that to the big screen.

But, everything good thing must come to an end.

With the release of Logan, Jackman will pull the steel out one more time. For 17 years, Jackman has thrilled us with his portrayal but he has decided to call it quits with this last film. Logan will be the last we see of Jackman as Wolverine and while it’s the end, the trailer proves that Fox may have saved the best for last.

The other Wolverine movies were great and his appearances in the X-Men franchises were stellar but it’s the feel of Logan that leads us to believe that this will change the landscape of Wolverine. For comic fans, the movie is based on the Old Man Logan story where he’s on his last leg, so to speak. While the new movie channels that, it goes in another direction.

While Logan has indeed aged, he’s still capable of defending himself. But, when he comes in contact with a child that he learns is made of his DNA in a lab, it changes everything. Let’s forget the comic version and enter the cinematic side of the coin. What makes the trailer so intense is the bond that Wolverine seems to have with the young killer. X-23 is Wolverine pre-X-Men. She’s dangerous, wild and out for blood, much like Logan use to be. But can he save her from herself?

The early Wolverine movies were about Logon looking for answers, then wanting to be left alone. Now, he’s giving someone who mirrors him and he must train this young lady to not become what he once was. Through both trailers, you can see the fearlessness and anger she has but you also get to witness her sense of loyalty to Logan in the numerous fight scenes where she has his back. This was a smart move by Fox to introduce her character in Jackman’s last Wolverine film.

She will bring a dimension to Logan that’s been missing in the other films. Logan looks to be leaning more toward the broken Wolverine. He lost his mutant friends to death and his body is not what it use to be. Maybe X-23 (Laura Kinney, played by Dafne Keen) will be the spark that Logan needs to get his life back in order.

Logan will be the first of the superhero movies to be released in 2017 featuring Marvel characters and while it may be the last of his story, it’s just the beginning for the future.

You can check out the newest trailer below.

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