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Los Angeles Kings: Ben Bishop, just a rental or replacement?

The Tampa Bay Lighting just made a decision on a lingering issue for the past few seasons. Ben Bishop or Andrei Vasilevskiy? Guess it’s safe to say the winner is Vasilevskiy as Bishop was sent packing to the Los Angeles Kings Sunday evening. That’s great news for the Lightning but, it opens up questions for the Kings now.

The Kings are already goalie heavy with the return of former Stanley Cup winner Jonathan Quick. So, what was this move about? The Kings are still a bit leery on the groin injury of Quick’s even with his return after missing four months. What this trade does is sure up a glaring hole the Kings have tried their best to plug with Peter Baduj but it’s clear he’s no Quick.

But still, does the trade make any sense with Bishop becoming a free agent this season and Quick signed through 2023? However, this seems to be more on the side of a plugging a slow leak that trying to repair a flat. Quick is a winner despite his recent injuries and although he may be two years Bishop’s senior, winning is what matters in LA. 

That and money.

Quick, through the remainder of his contract will earn annually around $5.8M, the same that Bishop currently earns now. With Bishop set to hit Free Agency after the season, he will be looking for a huge payday and the Kings would be wise to move along and let another team take that chance. Bishop is good, like full-time starter good but it won’t be for the Kings past this year.

The job still belongs to Quick. The Kings are just gearing up for a potential playoff run and just in case Quick’s groin flares up again they will have a viable backup in place. This was not a bad move and while speculation will arise concerning Quick’s status with the Kings all fans should rest assured that he’s just a slow leak fix until their tire is fully repaired.

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