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Los Angeles Lakers: D’Angelo Russell is the future, so stop tripping

The nonsense needs to stop. There is no need for the Los Angles Lakers to bring in any type of PG other than the one they have now in D’Angelo Russell. Do not trade for Rajon Rondo, do not draft Lonzo Ball or any other guard experts are claiming as the next Kyrie Irving or Magic Johnson. This is Russell’s team, hands down.

What more does the 21-year old kid have to prove?

His rookie season he was held back due to three huge obstacles. Byron Scott who had no faith in his young players, Kobe Bryant who was on his retirement tour and Russell learning the NBA game. Many tend to forget the kid was only 20-years old when he was giving the keys to the most storied franchise in NBA history. Hell, even Magic himself had to go through a learning curve of sorts before he became who he is.

This season, Russell was given new life under new coach Luke Walton. While the Lakers have struggled Russell has shined. Like most players, there were ups and downs during the year but lately, with the Lakers out of contention, Russell has decided to put his skills on showcase. In March he has played his highest average of minutes per at 33. His scoring average is up to 19 a game and it’s not just the numbers. Look at the level of competition he had done this against.

Russell is not scared of the league’s top PGs. He dropped 28 on Russell Westbrook, 40 on Irving, 28 on John Wall and 22 on Damian Lillard. Yet, his name stays in NBA Trade Rumors galore and with the Lakers possibly having a top 3 pick this year there are talks of Ball coming onboard. But there’s no need for all of this.

The Lakers are rebuilding and there is nothing to rebuild with if Russell is not there. Maybe a player can come in and average a double-double but give the kid a chance to run to run the show how he sees fit. His first season was a wash. There were too many people pulling him in different directions at once. His second season hasn’t gone as planned and that’s not all his fault. The Lakers spent their money on the wrong players and neither has produced anything remotely close to helping the team grow. Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov are shut down for the year and the Lakers are pretty much left with a college team on a nightly basis. But that hasn’t stopped them from competing. It all starts with the floor general and he has handled himself quite well considering the circumstances.

Just give them time to learn and grow as a unit.


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