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Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant to Join Magic Johnson in front office?

Are the Los Angeles Lakers ready to make that major move everyone’s been expecting them to make since Kobe Bryant retired last year? With Magic Johnson now on board how far are we off from seeing Kobe join him in the front office?

It’s only speculation at this point but we know the relationship the two legends have, then you add the other factors like Bryant’s lunch meeting with Jeanie Buss the other day coupled with her ready to push her brother Jim out and we may be in store for a true Lakers revival. But, is Kobe ready for that type of role, or better yet, are the Lakers ready for Kobe?

The organization needs this. This is not Phil Jackson running the New York Knicks or Michael Jordan running the Washington Wizards or the Charlotte Hornets, this will fall more on the lines of Joe Dumars and the Detroit Pistons. Jordan was a dictator, he wanted things his way, while Kobe may be the same, it’s Magic that will balance the scales along with Jeanie. 

The Lakers are playing better than many expected this season and still have an outside shot at a playoff berth but there still needs to be a few moves made that a person looking to fill seats will do differently than a person looking to fill needs. The Lakers are still the main attraction of the NBA despite missing out of many free agents the last few seasons but all could change with Magic leading the new charge. Kobe was fearless on the court and if he decides to take a role in the front office I’m pretty sure he would attack it with the same passion. 

Kobe already has a relationship with the majority of the current roster so his presence would not be alien to the players. Johnson and Jeanie have been around as well and that further sets up the triangle approach they can take to get the organization back to the top where they belong. It will be rough but these are not three business people coming together after years of Skype talk. Each person has known nothing but Purple & Gold their entire time in the NBA. This is where they differ from Jackson and Jordan.

Personally, I would love to see Kobe in this position, Magic has already been there and Jeanie has been leading this team for years. The Lakers and the NBA should be praying that Jeanie and Magic can persuade Kobe to help. 

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