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Los Angeles Rams: 3 reasons Jeff Fisher should be fired

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The Los Angeles Rams have tried everything to be successful in the NFL and it has not worked under the guidance of HC, Jeff Fisher. How bad has it been since his arrival in 2012? The Rams have had four straight years of under .500 football, four different QB’s, a slew of high draft picks, a high-profile move across the country and a National TV show and still no improvements.

I am one of the guys that picked the Rams as a sleeper team and what I witnessed Monday night drove me insane. There was no discipline, something Fisher stresses, and no passion for the game at all. It looked as if no player wanted it, they quit. Maybe it’s the air in California they must get used to but this is not the same Rams teams I picked for the last two seasons to go to the playoffs. I put the blame on Fisher. The guys were not prepared. I know it’s week 1 and I may be jumping the gun but something must be done.

Here are my three reasons why Fisher should be fired.

Terrible At Player Development

Let’s get Todd Gurley out the way. His talent was seen well before he put on a Rams uniform last season. All that was needed for him to succeed was someone to hand him the ball and get out the way. But, what about the players like Nick Foles, who had pretty decent numbers in Philadelphia but got to St. Louis and somehow forgot how to play football? Fisher never made anything of Sam Bradford. Fisher bleeds defense and spent the picks on a unit that has continued to underachieve.

The Rams had the No.1 pick in this year’s draft and selected, who many considered to be the best option at QB, Jared Goff, but Fisher opted to start a veteran that has played 15 games in four years. Now, you put yourself in a worst position if Case Keenum thrives then the question is what do you do with Jared Goff? if Keenum fails then he will get asked why did he start him over the future of your franchise? As for as his wide receivers. What was he thinking? So busy trying to build a defense that he never gave Bradford, Austin, Foles, Keenum or Goff NFL caliber pass catchers. This offseason the Rams did the unthinkable and signed Tavon Austin and all his 900 total yards to a $10M+ a year deal.

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He Is Not A Winner

Fisher has coached in the NFL for 22 years and during that time he has six winning seasons (not including 8-8). One of his biggest quotes on this season’s Hard Knocks was that the 7-9’s are done, well, he is the King of 7-9’s so for them to be done that means he must on from the team. There are not many teams that will hold on to a head coach that has clearly underachieved season after season but yet the Rams keep giving him chances and he gives them the same results each year. His last winning season came in 2008 with the Tennessee Titans and since then he has not coached a team to the playoffs. It’s one thing to lose a game to Bill Belichick or Andy Reid but to get out-coached by Chip Kelly on National TV is embarrassing.

Should Have Turned Down The Offer For Hard Knocks

The young Rams had no right to be featured on that show. Just watching made me realize how serious the players were on the team. There were more jokes being played than actual positives plays on the field. How many times did you hear Fisher tell the players that “No. 30” was not to be tackled? No wonder they couldn’t wrap up a 49ers player Monday night, they weren’t allowed to tackle in practice. Another tidbit I got while watching the Rams this season was Chris Weinke as their QB coach. Yes, the Weinke that stunk it up during his very brief NFL career. How is he supposed to teach a QB anything when he had no idea how to play the position himself?

Fisher turning that exposure down would’ve been the best move but maybe it was pressure from the owners or the league as the Rams made their return to L.A. and wanted to cash in the exposure. A real leader would’ve just said no. Instead, what we got was a bunch of jokesters with no real sense of urgency when it came to on the field performance. What we saw Monday night is a direct reflection of their coach’s personality.




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