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Los Angeles Rams: End of the line for Fisher and Keenum?

The Los Angeles Rams have no choice at this point, a move must be made. Actually two moves must be made.

The first one is the firing of head coach Jeff Fisher. After the Rams loss to the San Francisco 49ers every Ram fan but his family members were calling for his firing but somehow he team turned it around and the team started to play inspiring football. But as quick as that came, it’s now gone .

What happened in London Sunday morning should never happen. The game was close and we must give the team credit for the fight but heart does not equal wins and now the Rams need wins. Fischer has done some amazing things this season but his one fault is his loyalty to QB Case Keenum.

Keenum cost the Rams a victory Sunday and instead of yanking his QB who threw four interceptions he kept him in and left his No.1 draft pick on the bench. What does it take for Fisher to realize that Keenum is not the guy to lead the team? Truth be told, he never was. I get that Fisher never wanted to draft Jared Goff but is this how a grown man throws a fit?

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Maybe Fisher doesn’t have cable and has not watched any SportsCenter highlights and seen how well this crop of rookie QB’s are doing. So, why not give your’s a shot and see if he can get this season turned around for you? Instead, he preached to the media how he needs to make a change at WR instead of the guy that’s throwing them the ball. News Flash Jeff, the team has no trust in Keenum either. I saw that much by watching Hard Knocks this summer.

He wants to make a switch at WR but weren’t he the one that agreed to a $10M deal for Tavon Austin? It’s not the WRs. It Fish and that ego. Yes, he’s been around for quite a while but his resume has nothing to show for it.

IF Fisher is not fired by Wednesday then it just proves that he has some dirt on the Rams owner and General Manager. There is no team that can continue to stand for his type of arrogance and blatant disrespect for a team and continue to have a job.

The only way Goff will make it on the field is if Fisher is fired, he quits or he’s forced to make a move by the higher-ups. If they forced him to draft Goff then where are the same people who should be applying that  pressure to play him?

The season is not over for the Rams but in all fairness it should be for Fisher and Keenum.


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