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Los Angeles Rams: Forget the defense, it’s the offense that needs help

Maybe the Los Angeles Rams new head coach, Sean McVay never took time out to watch the Rams offense last season. He couldn’t have if his focus this Free Agency period seems to be geared towards defense than offense. Normally, we could point the finger at Jeff Fisher and blame him for having a senior moment but, McVay is 31-years old. What’s his excuse? And, what makes this even worse is that he’s an offensive guy.

Something has to give in the Rams organization.

The Rams finished last season ranked 9th in total defense, and 32nd in offense but yet they have failed to address their biggest weakness. With Fisher I could understand, he’s a defensive guy and has built this stout defense from scratch. But McVay, he’s on offensive mind who let their top wideout depart and got nothing in return but Robert Woods (WR), Kayvon Webster (CB) then went and signed LB (Connor Barwin). Yeah, those are the moves that will get you out the basement and job security.

Oh, I forgot to mention they also have CB Trumaine Johnson on the trade block as well.

At some point, McVay has to look at the reason he was brought there. The Offense. The Rams were awful on that side of the ball as rookie Jared Goff took over for starter Case Keenum and looked as if he needed to be enrolled back at Cal. The running game was downright laughable with last season’s ROY Todd Gurley doing his best bust impersonation and the receivers, well, at least Tavon Austin got paid.

The first goal was to not let Kenny Britt go. Once that happened there was still options on the board with Brandon Marshall, DeSean Jackson or Pierre Garcon. But I guess McVay took a look in his crystal ball and envisioned a Pro Bowl year for Woods. The question is, what can he do with Goff, or is Goff even the solution?

The former No.1 pick could be replaced if the Rams wish to go that route but remember, they don’t own a first rounder this year.

Defense wins championships but the Rams are nowhere close to even contending for 2nd place in the NFC West. This was to be the offseason where they made moves. Fisher is gone, in is new blood but the results still look to be the same as before. McVay is young but he’s not new to the process. Look what he did with the Redskins and Kirk Cousins. Can he do the same for the Rams?

The Rams were supposed to be past the rebuild through the draft phase as they have gone this route for the past several seasons. McVay has come in and re-stared the process all over again. The defense is set but the offense needs a facelift. So far in FA McVay has failed the Rams.


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