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Los Angeles Rams: Where are Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin?

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A decision has to be made and it goes deeper than a 3-4 record for the Los Angeles Rams. Jeff Fisher must make a move if he wishes to keep his supposedly two best offensive weapons happy and in a Rams uniform in the future.

I can’t fully place the Rams woes on the shoulders of QB Case Keenum, but I can throw the blame his way for the lack of production from two players. The Rams shelled out over $10M per season for Tavon Austin to produce like Antonio Brown. And what happened to last season’s ROY, Todd Gurley?

This is where the blame does fall on the shoulders of Fisher and Keenum. For starters, the money paid to Austin was downright stupid, to begin with. I know, they know, hell even Austin knows that he does not deserve that contract. In the Rams huddle he may something motivational, but when the ball is snapped he doesn’t produce like the high profIle WR’s he’s in the tax bracket with. This season he has 36 receptions for 299 yards and three touchdowns. Those numbers place him as the 3rd best receiver on the team but he’s the highest paid. But, why is there a surprise? These are the numbers he has put up for his career.

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Gurley has been a no-show this season. Granted, it’s hard to run when the defense stacks the line due to the lack of respect for the passing game. Through seven games this season, Gurley has 403 yards on 134 carries with three touchdowns. If Gurley can’t get make it to the second wave of defenders it makes like miserable for whoever is behind center.

This is why Fisher must make a switch. Keenum has not been terrible but his lack of production and respect he demands is costing his best two weapons. We have no idea what Goff can do. But can it be any worse than what Keenum has done so far?

If Goff can get Austin involved more that will open up the running lanes for Gurley. But it all depends on Fisher. He may be too stubborn to make a move which may result in him losing his job or worse.

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