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Madden 2015 Cover Vote: Cam Newton vs. Richard Sherman, Who Wins?

(Denver Post file photos)
(Denver Post file photos)

The Madden ‘15 cover vote is down to the final two and it will be announced on Friday at 6:30 PM on ESPN. Right now, I will be giving my thoughts on the two and who I feel should win the vote to grace the cover of the popular football game.

Richard Sherman: He’s become one of the faces of the NFL. For his play on the field. He’s established himself as the best all around cornerback in the National Football League today. He shuts down an entire side of the field and has become the leader of the “Legion Of Boom” in Seattle.

Despite his stellar play, he’s been known to run his mouth as well over the years.

This was the man who’s been in twitter wars with Roddy White and DeAngelo Hall. And he told Skip Bayless he was better at life than him. This is also the guy that went on a post-game rant in calling San Francisco 49ers wideout Michael Crabtree “mediocre” after the NFC title game in January and received a lot of negativity following it.

He’s become one of the most popular players in the NFL today.

Cam Newton: This is another guy that’s becoming a star in the league as well. After winning the Heisman in 2010 and leading the Auburn Tigers to a National Championship, Newton was the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft and put together a regular season to remember. He’s had his struggles and last year he led the Carolina Panthers to their first division title since 2008 and a first-round bye in the NFC playoffs.

He’s become a household name and has been in many commercials since entering the league.  He has a great personality and he has fun when he’s out on the field.

Who wins the cover vote?

I think Sherman wins the cover as he’s been everywhere and you know you’ve become something when President Barack Obama even makes reference to your rant at the White House. He was also listed as one of Time Magazine’s  “100 Most Influential People” based on his recent Super Bowl success I addition to his new Beats headphones endorsement , look for Sherman to add the cover of Madden to his growing off-the-field portfolio as well.

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