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Marvel: Charlie Hunnam would be perfect to take over Iron Man franchise

Rumors have been flying high for the past two years that Marvel could be moving towards another Iron Man movie but nothing has been made official yet. Original Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. has stated that he would love to play the role in Iron Man 4 but the studio has been a little hesitant due to Downey’s age. 

The award-winning actor has played Tony Stark in three solo Iron Man films, soon-to-be four Avengers and an appearance in the new SpiderMan: Homecoming movie this year. Downey is 51 and it may be time that Marvel looks to cast another Stark if they wish for the franchise to move forward.

It may be hard for fans to take at first but this is what Captain America followers will deal with as Chris Evans has stated that he may be looking toward the future of not playing Cap anymore as he wishes to focus on directing. However, Evans said he would consider a return and at the age of 35 he still has some spring left. Downey, on the other hand, is not getting any younger and while fans will miss the acting, all is not lost for Stark Industries.

Marvel has choices if they do wish to move forward without Robert. 

One that pops into my head is Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy fame. He could easily jump into the metal suit and become Jarvis’ best friend as the new Iron Man. He’s younger, easy on the eyes and already has a Hollywood following from his days as Jax Teller. I would hate to see Downey go but as in all franchises that are not ready to die, there comes a time when marriages must split for the better good of the individuals.

Iron Man 4 should be a go, but Marvel has a heavy slate of films over the next several years and by the time they get around to thinking about another Iron Man film Downey could be on the wrong side of 50.

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