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Marvel: The Defenders are more realistic heroes than The Avengers

When Iron Fist hits Netflix in March it will mark the culmination of the new breed of heroes that Marvel has brought to our attention. But, what makes The Defenders stand out over The Avengers is their likability.

Each Avenger has a certain swag they carry. However, if you were to compare them to The Defenders you will begin to realize how much we don’t have in common with them. Captain America is pushing 100-years old but he still looks 25. Iron Man plays with gadgets that only a Silicon Valley nerd would love and he flies around in a suit made of metal with lasers shooting out of his hand. Thor is from another planet and can travel through space with the help of a hammer. The Hulk is well, he’s just unique. Black Widow and Hawkeye are normal and that may be the reason they get less screen time than the others.

Then you take in The Defenders. 

Daredevil is blind but he posses no real powers. Luke Cage is bulletproof but he’s not invincible. Jessica Jones is just strong and Iron Fist, he may possess the deadliest punch outside of Superman. I love The Avengers but The Defenders are the heroes that we’ll see in our neighborhoods more than spotting a building jumping Hulk.

Marvel made The Avengers nearly unstoppable and that had to be as most of their fights are against each other and creatures from another galaxy. The Defenders are the protectors on the home front. Luke Cage is the guy I see buying Lottery tickets every morning. Jessica Jones is the lady doing her laundry down the street from my house and Daredevil is the blind guy we’re helping find his way down the subway steps during rush hour. These are my heroes, the ones that get hurt, bleed, shop and live in the same neighborhood I do my daily living in.

I need everyday people to protect me, not ones I need to beam from outer space.


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Mark Wilson
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