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Marvel Universe: Could Luke Cage, Daredevil make appearance on Agents of Shield?

There is no contest when it comes to the which shows are the best concerning Marvel and D.C. Marvel Universe has a tight grip on the comic-verse either on the big or little screen. While D.C. has had the early jump on the little screen with Smallville, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and a few others, Marvel is just beginning to make a name for themselves.

ABC took a chance with Marvel’s Agents of Shield and while highly successful it still lacks that punch you got from the big screen version of Marvel movies. But along came Netflix and blew everyone else out the water with Daredevil. DD was in a league by itself. The action was top-notch and with it being on Netflix there was no wait for two months to finish a season. You had everything at the same time. Talk about the ultimate fix for an MCU junkie. The second season was much of the same but we were given two more characters that enhanced a show I thought couldn’t get any better. The Punisher and Elektra.

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Now, with the success of Marvel and Netflix’s new monster hit, Luke Cage, Marvel is set to put its foot harder on the throat of D.C. But, as I sat and watched Cage, I noticed at the end of some of the episodes, the ABC Studios logo, which got me to thinking. If Marvel really wants to embarrass them any further why not beat them at their own game.

It’s time for MCU to enter the golden age of Crossovers.

CW and D.C. are the masters of it with The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Arrow. So, why not have ABC and Netflix crossover with Cage and Daredevil?

I can see Phil Colson and crew taking the Quinjet to New York to help the Defenders or picking them up and taking them to help the Shield team. Can you imagine a team with Daisy and Jessica Jones, Mack and Luke, DD and May, and Colson and Iron Fist? The havoc they would cause together would make any D.C. crossover look like a Carebears movie.

The potential for greatness is there. With the success, they’ve had so far individually I can see why they have stayed away from that. CW does it for ratings while ABC and Netflix are in no dire need of such help. But storyline wise this would be a great move, not for the Networks but for the fans and the characters.

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