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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 4, episode 2 live stream: Watch online

Last week on the Season 4 premiere of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD we learned that Shield is not under the command of a new director tat the government has placed there. Coulson is now a field agent with Mack as his new partner.

The team is still together but they are far apart as well. Agent May has her own squads of killers. Simmons and Fitz are still together as a couple but there is some distance between them as well. Daisy is prowling the city tracking down anyone evil, but there is a new problem for our heroes to fight. Last week we were introduced to the Ghost Rider.

We know that the team is still out to find Daisy before the Government can get their hands on her as the orders are to kill. But will happen if the Rider gets his hands on Colson and the team first? There will come a point where Coulson will have to go head up against the new Director and reclaim his position.

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Will Daisy and the Rider meet for another confrontation after he got the best of her in their first encounter? There seems to be an issue between May and Mack, what happened there? How long will Fitz be able to hide the secret about the hidden human-robot he found at Dr, Radcliffe’s house. I still don’t know if Fitz was shocked at the robot or slightly amused by her looks.

We’re only one episode in but there are plenty of secrets and questions we need answers to. One of mine is why is Mack so scared to be intimate with the beautiful Yo-Yo? She clearly has some strong sexual feeling towards him but he always seems to back off. Did we miss something in the time break that they will go back to and explain to us? But the biggest question of them all is. Who is the new Director?

Here is where you can watch the new episode live:

Date: Tuesday. September 27

Start Time: 10|9c

Episode Title: Meet The New Boss

TV Channel: ABC

Live Stream: Stream 1

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