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Miami Heat: Chris Bosh reportedly not cleared for training camp

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It seems that Chris Bosh’s comeback attempt is being put on hold as there are more health complications.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, it seems that Chris Bosh has more health problems, and his latest attempt to comeback is being put on hold. People close to the situation are telling Barry that doctors have found more evidence of blood clotting.

It is being reported that the blood clotting is located in Chris Bosh’s lung. It is also being reported that this latest case of the blood clotting being found is said to be related to one of the previous runs he had with this health problem. It should be noted that when Chris Bosh had this problem in the past, he would be eventually sidelined after the All-Star Break.

It is safe to report that the condition that Bosh is facing is not considered to be dangerous if treated, it will require medication and he is also being advised not to play. The original diagnosis was a blood clot that traveled from his leg to his heart back in February of 2015, and it occurred again this past February as well.

The Miami Heat, like many other NBA teams, are getting ready to begin training camp. They were planning on clearing him to resume his career this season, this according to several Heat insiders. Since this is his third time getting hit with the blood clot and he is not getting younger, it would be interesting to see if he ever plays again.

Sources are telling Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski that they also believe that Chris Bosh’s career with the Miami Heat is over.

I am wondering if he will ever be allowed to play again in the NBA being that this has been a yearly occurrence. We will have the latest as the NBA training camps get rolling soon.

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